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Sunday, August 8th, 1999

It was a three duvet night last night, which is saying a lot, cos my legs were still like icicles while my face was too hot, apart from my frozen nose. Dammit, I wish I had a sexy warm boy in my bed. Maybe I should do yoga so that I get better circulation going on. I always used to be superflexible. Hmm, maybe that’d help catch a warm sexy boy too. Or maybe not.

Most exciting thing going on in Hubris right now? My wardrobe. That’s right. Dress me, play with me, do whatever you like. It’s all virtual anyways. This is for my first assignment, so don’t pick it to pieces too much – that means YOU, Matt Sawkill. It’s a great concept anyways.

My washing was finally dry today, so I brought it in. I love sheets fresh from the washing line, especially when they’ve been rain-washed a couple of times, and they’re all crisp and stuff. I just wish that my washing machine wasn’t so crap and leaving gunky fluff all over stuff.

I spent about a half an hour unpicking the hem of a slip today with a pair of nail scissors. Those nail scissors get used for everything except my nails, I swear. I remember taking them to my fancy dress ball in seventh form to cut tabs with. But back to the slip. Whoever was its previous owner must have been a real shortass, cos they doubled up the hem making it like four inches shorter. And now it is four inches longer, and my bed is covered in little white threads.

What else did I do today? Si got grumpy with me, cos I got grumpy with him. While him and Clayt were out at hockey, I slaved over a hot stove, preparing yummy stirfry with satay rice, which I left a little bit not quite cooked, so that I could finish it when the boys got home. Of course, Si walked straight into the kitchen and helped himself, so I yelled at him that it wasn’t ready yet, and if he’d bothered to say hi to me first, he’d know that. Then he got grumpy, so I ignored him and finished the dinner, and went back to watching TV. Later he came up to me and gave me a suprise hug (nearly strangling me), going “I’m sorry about before” which I thought was sweet.

I started to watch “Mission Impossible” but then we watched “Wayne’s World” instead. Not that I haven’t seen it a billion times. Mike Myers is a hideous beast, man. And those clothes! And grr – I’ve been singing the songs from it all night.

“Why you wanna break my heart, ooooooh why you wanna break my heart?” etc

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