vacations should be vocations

August 27th, 1999

I hate my inherrently jealous nature. It just seems that the stupidest fucking little things piss me off. I get jealous of my closest friends for absolutely no good reason, then I get grumpy with them, and they don’t know. I’m pissed off about things that aren’t their fault, and then I take it out on them and they’re still clueless as to what they did wrong – which is exactly nothing.

So I suck like that.

I really should start my intercom now. Okay. But first let me try and style-sheet this.

That seemed to work okay. But I still haven’t started my intercom. Get a grip, Joanna. Three assignments to do, then you can go and play nonstop for two weeks and drown yourself in shopping and fun and find yourself a new headspace.

It’s later now. Ummm 1.10am. Yes. We just got home. If you were to kiss me right now, I’d taste like Burger King. Gosh, how appealing can I be?

Dee and Vee came and picked me up, and Vee dropped us, us being me and Dee, off at Shirley’s. I’d been drinking red at home though before hand, cos it went quite well with Russian peasent bread, and something had to make Dawson’s Creek a little bit more palatable. Dawson’s such a fucking dork, man. He reminds me of Clayton. Shirley figured out eventually that Dawson looks like Roger Ramjet, although I don’t know who Roger Ramjet is. However, I will believe her, because she is wise. We didn’t have anything to drink to, so we toasted her shower. Apparently, that was a scary thing to do. Then later we toasted Dee going to Thailand, and I felt special cos I knew already but Shirley and Trudie didn’t.

Driving to Shirley’s, I was quite drunk, and curled up in the back seat of the car. It was so weird going through Ellerslie and stuff, because we stopped on same hills that I remembered from the start of last year. Morphine Matt worrying about stalling the MR2, 4am in the morning, getting lost searching for food after arguing all night. It was too vivid a memory. Coming back in the car with Si, we passed by the Ellerslie Race Course, all lit up as it is at night. That was more vivid memories, but of a different sort. I’d say they were of a totally differrent guy as well, but the similarities between the two scare me sometimes.

Back on the jealousy tip that I started my journal entry off with a couple of hours ago, Kate told me that she’s not going for the show anymore. So I’m happy about that, as long as she’s happy. She pulled out cos of stuff not related to me, so yeah.

Heather’s moving in. Isi is already here. Share and share alike, I say.

“Man, I’ve already snogged two people I met on the Internet, moved in with another one, and gone out with yet another person from it – enough’s enough”

(it’s not what you think, eh)

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