“and I hate elevator music”

Thursday; September the 30th, 1999

I’m feeling so lonely that I went onto IRC and sat in #teen while the kinderwhores – or maybe it was Jess, in which case she isn’t a whore, told me I looked really good in the last shot, and I thought that was pretty funny since I was crying.

Oh, Brad came home, which was good cos I had chocolate and company for a little bit. He also told me funny stories about his work at the Video store. He had to ring up a family to report that “Japanese Sex Tours” was out, and the father was like “what, we never rented that” and ended up coming down to the shop to rage about how someone had let his 14 year old son rent porn. Poor Brad was like “I’m so sorry – it wasn’t me!”

Yesterday night was cool, bonding with Kate M who hung around to watch Topless Women Talk About Their Lives with me (again) and she plaited my hair. I made her watch Pokemon Island, and we all talked like pokemons when Brad got home.

Today I did laundry. Simon’s gone to Wellington. I’m lonely and wanting hugs.

Oh yeah, there’s a bit more Australia story if you want.

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