“do” is present tense, isn’t it?

Friday; October 1, 1999

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month and all that hip talking jive.

Today was a no-class friday, and therefore a no-work friday. Brad and I spent the morning – well, admittedly, it was the afternoon by that stage, watching a scary video of Clayton’s, featuring various music videos he’d taped over the course of time. How scary was it? There were two Hootie songs. Actually, Clayton would fit well into Hootie. They all wear Hallenstines clothes.

That’s a bit nasty of me. But I never was a very nice person, was I? I hope he does know that I love him dearly.

Oh yes, after the music videos, I got enchanted by infomercials. If someone buys me that rocket processor, I’ll love you for the rest of its life. And cook for you too. Surely that sounds like a good deal.

Nothing else really of interest to talk about. I should have finished tidying my room, but I didn’t. I should have done my journalism, but I didn’t. I did talk to Simon on IRC though – he’s in Wellington for the weekend, and it’s astonishing how much I miss him.

I miss Kini too. I dreamt I scored her brother. Only it wasn’t her fourteen year old brother Joel. It was some really really spunky guy, who made me laugh lots, and had stubble and was a brilliant brilliant kisser. He was also only sixteen. Um. How do I go about excusing myself for that one? I don’t. What can I say? I have hormones too you know.

Anji sent me email informing me that she’d finally scored Tommy (see Australia parts II and III for explanation). I’m going to quote her now: “even though i’m still having problems wirh the fact that he’s only 20!!! and he’s hung like a horse!!! it made me embarrassed having to see it!”

Heh. I also got entertaining email from Aletta, in response to my Mormon stories.

I have a Hare Krishna story to tell you all.

On Wednesday, I was walking up Queen Street, with a bunch of Dsters, when I spotted a young Hare Krishna in the middle of the footpath. I made a beeline around to avoid him, but he called out “hello, excuse me” after me, so I felt compelled to turn around and say hi. He held out his books and began to make a speech, so I said “I’m sorry, I haven’t got anything to give” He was like “that’s okay, because today I have something to give you” and he handed me one of his pretty looking books. So I thanked him, and went to continue walking, but he kept on talking to me, asking me if I could say “Hare Krishna”. I said that I had to go, and he was like “I can’t let you have the book for free, you know”. So I was like “what? you said you were GIVING IT TO ME” and he tried to argue his point, but I’m sure I was in the right. Still, I didn’t really want the book, so I gave it back to him and walked on. The Dsters were all greatly amused, as they should be.

Okay I am tired now. Don’t forget to read Australia Part III, for which my poor little wrists have worked themselves down to the bone to type and all.

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