skin coloured, for no especial reasons

Tuesday; October 12, 1999

Justine and I are planning a movie. It’s going to be starring Claire Danes, Ewen Macgregor, Katie Holmes and Skeet Urlich. Don’t ask, eh. My point was merely I’ve been worn out writing scripts for that, so I can’t be tossed writing much of a journal entry. Sorry, but when the movie comes out, you’ll realise how worthwhile that sacrifice was!

Besides, my day was damn boring anyways. So yeah. Dismal huh?

What can I talk about? Um um um. Ahhh. Umm.


I finally went to the library to start research on my Intercom. I wish I didn’t have to do this essay. I’d rather spend all my study time doing Digi Com. Of course, Clayton pointed out to me today that it’s not due for two whole more weeks, which sucks, cos basically that means I really really should be doing Intercom instead. Waah.

But once those two things are handed in, that’s the end of it. No more assignments. Yay! We might do a flat trip to the planetarium next week. If we can talk Si into it. I should have swaying power over him, since I tape Pokemon for him everday and all.

But I swear we’re not junkies, eh.

There was a bit of a debate tonight over when to hand out party invitations. We agreed to just continue to spread the word verbally this week, and get down to the nitty gritty paper deal next week.

For you folks from outta town, you’ll probably need to start finding a way to get to Auckland for October 30th.


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