Friday; October 15, 1999

My sleep quota for Thursday night was from 4am-8am today. Lucky lucky me.

You see, on Thursday, I was working on finishing off my Intercom Essay. I got up in time to go to my tutorial (not my lecture though – why break my habit?), but luckily Brad talked me out of going. I say Luckily, because as Peter M informed me, he was the only person that went to that tutorial.

O yes, I stayed home and tried to work on my essay. When I finally gave up the ghost at 1.30am, I had written 525 words. I really really don’t like intercom very much, especially not essays on immigration.

One of my many distractions while trying to write it was listening to Madonna’s “Erotica” for the first time since I was like, 13. It was really good, I could still remember all the words and everything. One of the songs was all about Oral Sex, and going down. When I first got the album, age 12 or so, I didn’t really understand it. Well, I mean, I knew what she was talking about and stuff, but I always imaged that girls went down on guys far more often than guys did on girls (so maybe I wasn’t wrong there, but still..) and I couldn’t imagine how girls would enjoy having someone go down on them, so I figured it was all for the guy’s benefit anyways. Well. Good thing I’m not 13 anymore, huh?

Sorry, was that all rather gratuitous? Diddums. Just be grateful I didn’t start talking about my own personal experiances in there, cos umm yeah.

It was the final ever of Home Improvement on thursday night, so despite the fact that I didn’t watch the series of it, I felt compelled to tune in. Me being the sook I am, I was very easily swayed to become misty eyed. Maybe that was cos it was more entertaining than my intercom essay. Ooh, that’s a good compliment to give people. “Hey Simon – you’re more entertaining than my intercom essay”. Heh.

Clayton and Brad also had to do their intercom essays, so Brad ran back to his parents’ house to use their computer. Si had an essay to do too, only his was just 1000 words long, and on Black Civil Rights, which I rock at. Seriously. I got 100% in that section of my History exam in fifth form. So needless to say I would much rather have done his than mine. Instead, we just all drank far too much coke, and got really wired, and all started screaming. And because all four of us were online at once, we tried to have an ICQ orgy, but just couldn’t connect. Si and Clayt went out on a tennis court mission at midnight, and their abscence helped me write 150 more words. I also had very amusing conversations with Brad, puzzling over Simon’s ICQ nickname of ‘fat roller’ and we realised that Simon is actually the Fat Controller. Which would explain all the Thomas the Tank Engine paraphanalia littering our house. Either that or Kini’s a trifle warped. “Smear him all over your body and he’ll protect your skin” and all that. But I really was too too wired, and tired, and limbs were hurting and they were watching the rugby, so I couldn’t do anymore on my essay. Off I went to bed, only Clayton talks so goddam loud that I couldn’t get to sleep til 4am.

And then of course, on Friday morning, I had to get up at 8am in order to write my essay. That was okay, I got it done alright. It was a piece of shit and I therefore refused to read through it at the end, but I didn’t even have to lie on the word count. Which is always good, because I lie enough when I’m doing my referencing. I credited four lectures, and I can only remember one of them. Naughty.

So yeah, off I went to hand my essay in. I stopped in Newmarket to fill up our Mercury card,so I took a Link bus into tech. I had the nicest driver ever. She helped people decide which buses to take, explained maps, announced stops, made sure people knew where they were going and that they wouldn’t get lost, and was just absolutely a credit to her proffesion. One tourist even took her picture, and she was like “yay, that’s a great perk of the job”. She rocked. I’m very tempted to ring her up and report her for being so nice. Mmmm.

So yup, I dropped off my essay, and then decided to reward myself by going up to K’Road and picking up something to fulfil my dreams. Ooooh yes. I got my tiara from DV8. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Well, it wasn’t the one I’d orignally wanted, but it’s pretty damn spunky. There are photos of it in my secret photo directory. And if you don’t know where that is, you’ll just have to wait for Special Occasion photos.

Back home, and put it on, and I couldn’t take it off. Yay me. Brad came back from his parents’ house with some alcohol he’d ‘borrowed’ from his parents, and went off to Shell to buy himself a Girlfriend (magazine). Si came home, and so we all watched Pokemon together, and it was another unspeakably cute one, where they were all going to freeze together, and Pikachu and the others just wouldn’t leave Ash, and Charmander tried so hard to keep them warm with his fire and and and and yeah, I was all “aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’ again. Then we went and sat outside in the sun and drank, and did Girlfriend quizes. I was relieved when Simon and Brad both scored in the top section of “how well do you know your boy’s bod?”, even if Brad only got in by one point, and neither of them knew what a perineum was.

Then Brad and I cooked stirfry veges with plum sauce for dinner, and it was really yummy, even if Gavvie didn’t want to eat it, and Kate M was devestated by the lack of meat. She said that last week’s vege soup I made for her was the first time she’d ever had a meat free dinner. Maaaaan, sure, meat’s fun and all, but so? Jeez girl! And then she like offered to clean our bathroom and stuff, implying that I was just a great big disastourous home-maker or something. Some people. I dunno.

We all watched Dawson’s Creek together, and I started screeching when Tori Amos’s ‘Northern Lad’ came on the soundtrack.

“and if you could see me now,
said if you could see me now
Girls, you’ve got to know when it’s time to turn the page
When you’re only wet because of the rain”

She so does NOT belong with all the other shit hidi music they play. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but I despise the soundtrack passionatly. So yeah, Kate and Brad told me off for making so much of a fuss. And then we got in fights again, cos they reckoned Joey was being a bitch, when i knew it was just Dawson being a gimp, as usual.

Kate and Brad were wondering what to go to our party as. I suggested Brad borrow some of Clayton’s clothes and go as Dawson. They also considered going as Kelly and Zack from Saved by the Bell. Not that we’re TV junkies or anything, eh.

After Dawson’s, we watched Interview with a Vampire. Whatever happened to Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Christian Slater? They’ve all lost their heart throb status, haven’t they? Good.

After Interview, we watched Juice for a while, flicking between it and the heinous Ground Zero, trying to spot the crew. At the end of GZ, they played ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams, and I came to a decision. I’m going to have to buy “The Ego has Landed”. Oh yes. Pop really has stolen my soul.

Kate left then, so Brad and I made popcorn, and watched Labyrinth. I hadn’t seen it since I was about 12, so it was really cool and exciting, and I still knew every word, sound and song. I’ve probably seen it (and the Princess Bride) more times than I’ve seen Spiceworld, even. Golly gee! David Bowie in tights still scares me. However, if he stopped wearing tights, I’d have him. After all, Jareth really DID care about Sarah. She asked so much of him, and he delivered on it all, even if he didn’t really enjoy doing it. He was just so lonely, and stuff, poor man. I wanted to give him a hug. Brad pointed out that David Bowie is bi, and the character Jareth really does have issues, so it’s no wonder that I wanted him. I think perhaps my friends mock my unconcious choosing patterns a little too much, eh. And I really wanted Sarah’s silver hairpiece from the ball. Whatever happened to Jennifer Connelly, eh? Which made-for-tv movie will she show up in?

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