Thursday; October 21, 1999

I know the secret of the chocolate vodka at the Classic now, but don’t think I’m going to be telling you! Simon and I were also glad-handed by one of the comedians, and it wasn’t Brad. So ooooooh! We went to Pro Night, you see. The audience was full of old stupid morons who thought they were a lot funnier than they actually were. And Brad was a lot funnier than they thought he was. Fuckers. I felt like smacking some of them. He thanked me later for laughing at his youth radio network joke, which was genuinely funny, only the old national voting ugly wankers didn’t get it.

What else did I do today? I went shopping with Shirley, and got a 21st pressie for Sacha, and a 19th pressie for Si. We went in for both pressies together, like an old married couple or something. Scariness. I’m going to buy Sacha the True Bliss book in addition, to assert my independence. And so I can read it, of course.

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy doing “stuff”. Like my digi com website. I’m craving 100% so bad I can smell it. It’s craziness, I haven’t been this keen for perfection since fifth form history when I was aiming for 95% overall (I got 93%). I guess it’s just that it’s something I know I’m good at – in comparison to the level of the rest of the class anyways. Fuck I sound so fully completly arrogant. So yay me. Heh.

Si bought THREE new pokemon decks today, which was really exciting. The deck I used today had Charmander in it, which is definatly cool. Oh god. I’m so lucky I never played Magic, cos otherwise I might have become a total magic geek. Or not. See, the good thing is that Si’s got the warehouse card, so he buys the cards, so I can pretend that it’s completly his obsession and mine, and I only watch the show because I am in the lounge at the time. And stuff. Shit man, okay, Kate M likes Pokemon now, thanks to the ‘Island of the Giant Pokemon’ episode, and she’s the epitome of style and good taste, so it must be okay. I’m going to cook her meat tomorrow.

And on that note, I think I might leave it there. Okay, thanks for having me. Yeah, you’re a team player.

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