Devil’s Night

Thursday; November 4, 1999

Okay, so we didn’t re-set our computers up for three days after the party – Si and I were both enjoying not being online. It was a nice break. Then last night, when I did feel inspired to write journalage and stuff, the network wasn’t working. Well, when I say network I mean the internet connection out of the linux box, because Si’s puter is poked, for some reason. So yeah, assorted cyber excuses. I’m also writing up the party, but that’s taking quite a long time. I’m definatly waxing lyrical on it, because goddam, it was the best party I’ve been to in a very very long time. But you’ll have to wait to read about that.

Yesterday was interesting. I’ve been on “study” week all week. Study – hah! More like sleep sleep sleep bum bum sleep. And throw some trying to sleep in there as well. But I digress. Yesterday I was so bored that I started drinking while we were watching Pokemon. After all, Ash LOST his match in the Pokemon tournament, and that was a terrible thing. So yes, anyways. Around about 6pm, I went out, telling Simon I had “errands to do” to avoid him making faces at me and possibly starting up an arguement about who I was seeing. I’m sure he realised that I was going to see Thomas, but I just could not be bothered fighting about it. Man, that sounds really dramatic, but it’s not really. You know how just sometimes you disapprove of your friend’s choice in friends and stuff, based on past experiances etc etc. Yes.

Moving on. Anyways, so we had drinks in Murphys, and I met James Mcglinn, who runs Entertainz and used to host Hubris for me. He took us for a spin in his spunky flash red car. I sat in the back, and there was no leg room, so my legs went sideways along the rest of the seat. I looked really dignified. But I had to take off my tiara, becauase the roof was a trifle low. And we drove out to Western Springs anyways, and I’d have hated for the poor borderline westies to have felt inadequate. Um yeah, like I said, i’d had more than a couple of drinks by that stage anyways, and was trying very hard not to show it, which sort of manifested itself by me being suspiciously quiet. Although I did say that I’d lived in the area for two weeks while homeless, and pointed us in the right direction to get back to town.

Back in town, we had more drinks at Murphys, before the conversation turned to pinball. I smiled and nodded, as I do often. Then we went to Burger King, to get food and find a certain kind of pinball machine. The burger king made me feel really really ill. I guess vodka doesn’t go too well on an empty stomach – well, not if you throw food on top of it anyways. But that’s okay, because once again, I managed to maintain my composure. Fuck I’m classy. Back to Murphys, then down to the waterfronty area for coffee. The bottom of Queen Street is even deader than the top. At least there was a nice wind that made me feel all homely like I was back in Welly. Unfortunatly, the coffee didn’t match up with Welly coffee. Sigh. It was about 10.30pm by then, so I realised that I’d better haul my ass up to the Classic if I wanted a ride home with Brad, so I did. The boys stopped to play in Fort Street, but there’s only so much standing on street corners a girl can do, so I pressed onwards, and ended up waiting for them by Whitcholls.

Brad was indeed still in the Classic when I got up there, so that was good, not least because he bought me a chocolate vodka. I talked to Justin for a while, and he confessed to me that he wants his nickname to be Jumping Bean, because apparently, that rhymes with Justin Keene. We also talked about lawns, or rather, how badly ours needs to be mowed. You’d think people would be queing up to mow it, wouldn’t you? But noooooooo! Whatever happened to the macho man, eh? Sheesh. I thought Justin was very very drunk, but Brad claimed he’d only had one drink. Which is probably a good thing, since he drove home ahead of us. We saw him pulled over on the motorway, so we went back to look for him, but he wasn’t there, so we drove to his house and he wasn’t there either. But then he did come home and explained that something had fallen off his car or something, so that was okay. So Brad and I went home, and played with Simon for a while. Brad was reading Cosmo, so I cried out “THREESOME” (it’s an article in it, okay?) but then we decided Clayton would feel too left out.

In other news, ummm. No, there is no other news. Mow our lawns if you want to, please? Brad saw a rat today.

I finally got to sleep at about 6am this morning. Too hot. Too wound up. Fucking modem in the next door room shrieking all night long. Stuff.

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