Guy Fawkes – but there were no fireworks

Saturday; November 6, 1999

I should be studying right now. I mean, really. I have an exam on tuesday. Just I really really hate studying. Well, not that I’d really know. I haven’t started studying yet. Last set of exams, I excused myself for various reasons. This set of exams, I will excuse myself without any reason, I think. I know I can pass my courses, and that’s all I basically care about. Although it’d be funny if I DID fail and had to repeat. I’d laugh. Well, I’d laugh more if it happened to someone else, but you know how it is. But Shirley hasn’t really studied either, so that makes it okay – right?

She came over yesterday, and told me that she’d missed me the four days she’d been in Waihi. Awwwww. I love friends. We went out to the Classic to see Pulp Comedy being taped. Brad was on it, you see, and he was very funny. As was Jan Maree. As was Terry Frisbee. As was Brendan Lovegrove. I didn’t even drink the chocolate vodka – although I did drink plenty of other things. Would it be wrong to just remain drunk constantly until my exams are over?

Don’t think that I’m contemplating alcoholism though, cos that’d be stupid. And I got too much of a headache to keep on drinking. I’m just so fucking BORED! Well, I shouldn’t be, cos I should be studying, but I’m not. I find myself reading playstation magazines all day, cos Andee sent us a whole swag of them, and watching Juice. I’m singing along to everything nowadays.

Karen rang me this morning but I was too lazy to get out of bed and answer the phone, so I rang her back ten minutes later. So we had a good chat, and she said her friend Annoushka had stopped reading my journal because she read too much about me, and also about Anji, and I was like “well DUH! it’s my diary for gods sakes”. People eh? That means you, Anno, if you’re back for more. Okay, so I don’t really have a point, but like I said, I’m really bored, and stuff. I’m still trying to write my party epic. It doesn’t seem to be going all that well.

I actually managed to get to sleep around 2am last night, as opposed to the usual 6am. That was a good thing. I think it’s because I started out sleeping with my light single duvet instead of the queen sized one which I usually end up kicking off anyways. Damn summer weather and heat and stuff. I always did prefer to be tucked up snug. But I guess when I do study, at least I won’t have to do it all in bed to stay warm, so maybe I’ll be able to concentrate for a little while. Well, I can hope anyways. Honestly, who cares about Intercultural Communication anyways? Or Mass Communication IIb? I don’t. The class that I cared about, Digi Comm II, is all over. I’m still waiting on my marks for my essay, and of course, the final website though. I want brilliant marks, not mediocre ones. Everything else can go jump. As long as I don’t fail and therefore have to repeat any papers. Blah blah blah.

I’m sorry i’ve become so boring. I made Simon a pink cake yesterday, and tried to put a face on it with hundreds and thousands. He was good though, because when I asked him who it was on the cake, he immediatly said “JIGGGGGGGGLYPUFF”. Atta boy. Okay, enough crudness. I should go have a shower, and study. Or something. I’m supposed to be doing things with the ladies tonight, and also tomorrow we have Dee’s dancing concert to go to.

Man I look icky today. Should wash hair, and get out of pajamas.

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