Alive and Brilliant

Thursday, December 9th, 1999
I hope you like the new journal splash page. It’s all nice cleanish code too. I’m not entirely sure why that matters to me, but it does. Sometimes. Especially when I’m trying to feel productive.

Yesterday I spent a long time reading through Olivia’s archives, back in January long before I’d ever heard of her. That was kinda weird, as it’s weird to have known someone for such a short time and yet care so much about them – like Kini as well. I remember lying on Kini’s brother’s mattress in her lounge, and talking to Olivia all night when I was in Sydney. That was very cool.

Just felt the need to share. I ran errands in the morning yesterday, feeling good for doing that, and in the evening Kate M and I watched Brad do stand-up and improv at the Classic. He did a lot of jokes about porn, which I found hilarious, like his “donna martin graduates” line in improv, but not everyone got them. If the whole audience lived in our flat, they would have died. Our new putdown line is “Winner Taco”. If you want to use it properly, phrase it something like this: “Martin Bradbury – winner taco”. The – is a pause. And try to adopt a hick voice. I’ll demonstrate it for you sometime, assuming you actually know me. Oooo oh wait, maybe I could make it into a wav. But umm, no. I can’t remember how to embed it.

After the show, and a drink or two with some crazy old guy staring at me and kate from like less than a metre away, we went to Newmarket to meet up with Clay, and see the midnight premier of ‘The Blair Witch Project”. The theatre was packed, and Kate didn’t have her glasses so we sat really near the front. Big mistake. It was all hand held shot, and there was far too much motion. I felt SO sick. Being too hot, and having a crampy neck didn’t help either. For the last half hour I had to have my eyes shut most of the time because I felt so nauseous, although I did open them for the really scary last bit. Then as soon as the credits came up, I muttered “meet you in the foyer” to my friends, and powerstrode my way to the toilets, tying my hair back as I walked. Once I got into a stall, I just stood there, bending over the bowl, dry retching and stuff, but trying not to make too much noise about it. Of course, that’s when I heard the splat splat splat of someone vomitting all over the floor, and could smell it too. Suddenly, I lost my own urge to throw up. Instead we went home and put our rubbish in other people’s bins to be collected in the morning, since ours was already overflowing. I burnt one of Si’s nekkid male porn cards in our sink.

Today I continued the cleaning streak and tried to tidy my room some. My chest of drawers now only has jewellary and assorted beauty products cluttering it up, which is an improvement. My photos, cards and concert tickets dating back to 1996 are now all in a shoe box, instead of scattered across every horizontal surface. And that’s a good start.

Kate Benton came around and we went to Macdonalds to read Tearaway (SUCH a bad magazine) and eat a mcfluffy. It was actually really nice, as far as fast food food goes. Interesting spoon.

That was probably the highlight of my day. I had a nice chat to my mummy, but I had to leave it eventually cos I’ve been drinking lots of water all day and consequently having to pee every couple of minutes.

Okay, that’s the end now. Night night. I’m embarking on an adventure tomorrow, and it’s ever so slightly controversial, but I know that I’m doing the right thing.

After all, was it not the great Sheryl Crow who said “a change could do you good” ?

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