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Saturday, December 11th, 1999
I cut myself on one of the shelves from the fridge when me and Brad were cleaning it yesterday. I’m such a fucking warzone today. My thigh bruise has become flesh coloured on the inside, ringed with maroon. It’s crazy, so I will avoid thinking about it. I also have cuts on my fingers, and my legs feel a trifle odd.

It’s not just all bad stuff though. I also have a car! Well, I will really soon anyways. Mummy and Daddy rang me up to tell me they’d found one, so YAY! The Girlie Road Trip is so definately on.

Everyone is out now, but that’s okay, cos I feel like a little bit of quiet time. So this is a good time for me. Maybe I will go have a nap. It’s only 9pm. However, if I nap now, then I’ll never sleep tonight. Last night found me still awake at 5.45am, wandering around the house listlessly, too hot to sleep. But then I woke up early, well, 10ish, and was up by 11. I got accepted into the Multimedia major – no big suprise there, but Brad’s happy cos he got into Radio, which was more competitive. Andrew did too, but Kate M hasn’t got her letter yet. Clay’s letter is in his doorway, but I don’t know if he got into TV, cos he’s been at work all day, and I guess it would be wrong to steam it open.

Hmmm, what else can I write about? I don’t know. I talked to Penny this morning, after I text messaged her. She rang me back straight away, and we had a good chat. I asked her when she was getting married, and she told me as soon as I get myself a salmony pinky ruffley shiny type dress to be her bridesmaid in. Looooovely. I’ll get Momma to whip me up one when I go down to Welly on the 18th. I’m excited about going home, especially now since I won’t have to worry about buying a car. I will, however, have to worry about Xmas pressies and stuff. What do you all want? Email me and tell me. The cheaper the idea, the more likely you are to get it.

“Annnnnnd……. I’m spent”

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