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Sunday, December 12th, 1999
There’s wax all over our kitchen floor. I think it’s leftover from the kinky sex I had with Thomas. But goddaaaam did it hurt! I used to pour hot wax on my hands as a party trick when I was younger – I don’t think I can really do it anymore.

Matt S. told me to keep my innuendo up, so I will.

Yesterday was kinda boring, although Shirley came over for lunch which made it slightly more entertaining. Especially I wouldn’t let her in and instructed Clayton to do the same. The boys are so well trained, they’re the best.

It was Jo’s birthday, so I wanted to call her and say hi and stuff, but I couldn’t find the number for her welly phone line. So I’ll say it now. Hi Jo.

Rah, this entry is stupid and boring. I think maybe I’ll write a little about the 13th in it too. In fact, that’s a brilliant idea.

Monday, 13th December 1999
Today was also fairly non eventful. Well no, Penny came around to visit, so we watched Spiceworld (18th time) and had a good catch up and stuff. She told me off when I said that I wanted to call Dylan when I get down to Wellington. I guess I should call Sarah too, cos I do have her celliephone number now. But you know. I’m so out of touch with most of my old friends.

In the evening, Brad and I went out to One Red Dog to watch a show put on by his friends. It was quite amusing really. I’ve always wanted to jump on a restaurant table and break into song & dance.

When we got home, we watched ‘The Spanish Prisoner’, which was quite good, only it seemed like everything was a little bit too weighted, like the way they talked and stuff. But I was being clever, so I picked up little very important clues the whole way through.

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