April 2, 2000

Sunday April 2nd, 2000

Let that be a lesson to you, kids – don’t write your journal entries when you’re drunk. Okay? Good.

Jody’s was really fun, like I said. The five of us – me, Trudie, Brad, Kate M and Clayton sat in a booth and took turns to order the cheapest bottles of wine off the menu. Every so often, we’d get up to dance. Kate, Trudie and I did some gossiping. Jod was happy. It was cool. Handicapped stalls are easier to throw up discreetly in.

I text messaged Jo so she rang me back, but I didn’t hear, and then I couldn’t hear the message either, so I called her from the taxi. Maybe I am going deaf, or maybe my cellphone is crap (or both) because I just could not hear her at all. Ahh well.

When we got home, we all danced some more in the lounge, then moved to the hallway to reap the full benefit of Clay’s mp3 collection. I think Trudie must have gone to bed by then because I think there were just four of us. It was fantastic, we tried to do all these complicated moves and exchanges and stuff. I enjoyed myself anyways.

Then I went to my room, put on my pjs, and went online. There’s a photo saved to my desktop now called “breasticles.jpg” that’s a testament to my persuadability when drunk. But that’s okay, cos the guy I sent it to has seen it all before anyways. Then I was on IRC, and Mark and Gavvie were going for a drive, so I suggested they should come pick me up, and that I’d be nice. I didn’t think that they would, cos I was in my pajamas and all, and it was like 2am or something. But half an hour later, Mark was knocking on my window and grinning like an idiot, so I grabbed my bag and shoes and headed out the door.

We went down to Queen Street to do the drags, but cos it was so late, it was just deserted. At one stage, squished up in the back seat, I did wonder what the fuck I was doing, but ahh well, it passed the time. But there’s only so much driving around you can do, so I asked them to take me home. Then I burnt my fingers on Gavvie’s chips from skanky slow Greenlane macdonalds, dammit. Eventually I got home though, and stumbled straight into bed.

Sunday morning, I woke up at 8am to get some water and stumble into my own bed, where I lay for about 5 hours, drifting in and out of sleep, head throbbing and nausea coming and going. I felt so bad, and so helpless cos I couldn’t even sit up without getting too dizzy. I had no headache tablets, you see, so that was a bit of a problem. Finally when Thomas got home, I was able to ask him for some, and slowly regain my composure. Wendy’s a little later helped too.

In the evening I watched ‘Contact’ cos it was on TV. I liked it, but it kinda went on for too long, I thought. I expected it to end when she got in the spaceship, but no, apparently not.

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