Jetgirl gets marked

Yeah good one Joanna, get really drunk and be happy, and then chose to play Beth Orton. Winner mate. Kate B and I are already one sixth of the way through my duty free. But that’s okay. She gave me a candle for my birthday, and that was cool, but then she gave me the original script of the play we wrote/directed/produced in seventh form and I almost cried, I was so in awe. In fact, I think i idd cry, just a little bit. I can’t figure ti out, either i’ve met a guy just like Josh lately or I’ve been dreaming about him heaps.

No one was home when I got home from the airport today which was really sad. But then clayton came home and nearly choked me he was hugging me so much, aqnd then Kate came home and broke my back/neck with her huggings, so that was cool. Everyone’s at Sammy’s 21st, but I haven’t been here to be invited, so Kate and I just stayed home and drank, and it was very cool. And there’s a pink elephant hanging in our lounge room.

Si kinda permanently til I next see him leant me the deftones “Around the Fur” and leigh’s been sending me mp3s so I should churn them up instead. remember you’re an angel if you’re not sure. I haven’t slept in this bed for a month, which will be strange. I only have classes on wednesday, thursday and fridays. I got an A in multimedia production, a b+ in graphcis – i would have got better if IU hadn’t fucked up my exam because of a certain cunt sending me nasty text messages in the middle of it making me bawl, a B in 3D, and a C in mass comm, so yay me. damn I had such a large pile of mail. I won a movie pass off vodaphone. Jetboy and Jet girl are cheap bastards.

I know things that you dont’ know.

For example, did you know that citron vodka and pink grapefruit juice is really appealing? Or that it’s my 500th anniversary with a different certain someone today? Happy day baby!!!! Love you long time etc etc. You know, the worst part about wokringm at the MOE is that I couildn’t sing all the time. but (I can now, so HA! Fuck you all! I will sing and no one can stop me. adammit I wish Si could move back in. W’ere makimg the anteroom into the other tv room pappernty. That’s when it’s not being painted pink and becoming a disco. Kate and I did party negotioatnls tonightm, and we think we’ve sorted things pretty wrel. Did I mention tuat we have new curtains?

Dammit why is everyne set on N/A?

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