April 4, 2000

Tuesday April 4th, 2000

I hate 3D modelling. It is the bane of my otherwise blissful major. I’m on holiday now, as my week ends on tuesdays, and I have 2 weeks of mid semester break starting next week, and then Easter. I’d go batty with boredom, only i have an essay, a model, and 2 jobs in the wings.

Apparently I’m Beck. That’s according to a Waste of Bandwidth anyways. That’s cool, I can handle that jive. I respect his flares, and can dance to some of his music. Although I have to admit, his singles are really easy to get bored of. Oh – maybe that’s the point. I admit that my content is not very often changed, and there’s not much exciting stuff going on in this site anymore. It’s all kinda quagmired by journal. But I WILL have a new project, some day.

Oh and I emailed Dean to suggest to him that maybe he is Mike Flower Pops, taking other people’s songs and quirking them. Oooh, quirking is a good word.

Kate M said on Saturday night that I had a soap-opera of a life. Someday I’d like to write out that story then, but for now there’s far too many characters. It’d be like Shortland Street, when they bring back the same actor to play different roles, and that’d just be tacky and would confuse people.

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