April 5, 2000

Wednesday April 5th, 2000

Speaking of exchanging porn on the Internet, I drew this tonight:

They say less symetrical people are less fertile. Darn!

As you can obviously tell from the picture, I got my hair cut yesterday. It’s not that much shorter, but it’s neater, and there’s layers around the face. Ooooooooh AND the woman gave me a scalp massage while washing my hair. I think I was purring in the chair. Her name was Jo. Once again, my theory that all people called Jo are cool is proved to be true.

But you don’t just need to take my drawing’s word for it – my web cam is back online again, and can be found at http://atmos.net/joanna . It isn’t on Hubris so that I don’t chalk up too much traffic from y’all stalking me all the time. If the image currently looks green, that’s the way I set it, so you can pretend you’re watching me through Night Vision goggles.

I went to the Opera this evening. It was absolutely gorgeous. I cried. Thomas gave me a handkerchief. I was very impressed. There was this amazing scene in it where Butterfly is waiting for Pinkerton, peering out through the screen with a candle, and she waits all night for him. The Japanese room she is standing in revolves around to show her silluheted (arrgh spelling!) against the paper screens from the outside of the ‘house’, while the lighting changes from dusk til dawn. It was so poignant, the feeling of the coldest hour before the sun comes up, her tragic love, and knowing he wasn’t going to be coming back for her. I’m such a sucker for tragedy. Kate M and Popular Kate both thought that particular scene went on too long – I told them they had no poeticness.

Auckland traffic is reaaaaaaally starting to annoy me. So are lifts. Damn, I think I will have to go into tech tomorrow to work on my 3D potato. Well, it’s supposed to be a body, but it looks like a potato, so we’ll leave it at that. Oooh, Mummy finally rung me – she’s been in Aussie for two weeks – and she said she bought me vodka and a pressie, so yay!

Oh, and important site of the month? http://www.shakespearewitch.virtual.net.nz

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