April 23, 2000

Sunday April 23rd, 2000

Bulemia for Beginners: Make sure when you’re throwing up that there is actually food in your stomach. This will help you to avoid merely throwing up bile and mouthfuls of saliva. Avoiding bile means avoiding a burnt feeling throat afterwards. It just makes sense!

Hmm, that could potentially be kind of offensive to people with eating disorders, couldn’t it? So I guess I apologise. I only like to piss off the people I know.

Oh yeah, stuff that I forgot to mention. Justine sent me this for IGSJKD:

I think it’s cool. I guess you kinda would have had to be there to understand the homie talk background to it. I also love the fact that she has the same phone plate as Kini. I hadn’t talked to Justine in ages, so that was really cool.

Our dining room ceiling was leaking again today. On Friday, it was pouring down the inside wall and doorway, which just reduced me to tears because I’m a big wimp. I hate it when things go bad. Today it poured a bucketload (that’s an exact measurement too) through a new hole in the ceiling. This is a bad situation. I am so giving the landlord an ear bashing when I call him. Which of course, I don’t want to do until I suddenly become very tough over the phone. Which isn’t all that likely to happen.

This evening Maree rang me up and asked me if I wanted to go get Thai food with her, which I did. So we got take out and watched a re run of the 1999 TV Hits awards. I hate Steps, so so passionately. But we had a good discussion about how 5ive are a man-band as opposed to a boy band. Weslife and Boyzone and all the other wimps are all “I’ll love you and cherish you forever, and you’re so perfect” wheras 5ive are “I heard she’s at the party, so I’m going to get me some”. Boy bands probably wouldn’t fuck you til you were married. 5ive would throw you up against the wall, have you, and then pass you on to another band member. Much better!

When Maree left, I went to the video store in Ellerslie to dump three bags of ugly clothes I’d cleaned out into the Cancer Bin, return a video and get out “8mm”. I somehow managed to leave right before a huge rain storm, so that in the two minutes I was out of the car, I managed to become so wet that the steering wheel was slippery. Choice one, mate. I had a stomach ache from too much Thai food too.

While T and I were watching 8mm, Clayton came in to give me my slightly used IGSTJKD pressie – the new FHM. I’m ashamed of how amusing I find boys’ magazines. I do only read them for the articles, however. 8mm was very disturbing. Personally, I don’t find porn arousing at all, let alone snuff. And people in gimp masks are just scary, which I guess might actually be the idea.

It’s 4am and I still can’t sleep. My throat hurts from the above inncident still, and I’ve finished my magazine, so I’ve resorted to working on my essay. How trajic, man. It’s not due in until Thursday, and I don’t have classes before then. I guess I will, however, at some stage have to finish my 3D model, but I think Jody went away for Easter. My model looks like a vibrator right now. I hope that the addition of legs, head and arms will change that.

Damn I wish I could sleep, but when I was in bed before, I couldn’t, strangely enough. I’m very cold. I had to drag the other duvet over me as well. But I guess that was before I was sick, so maybe it’d be better now. Maybe the son will come up soon. Is it Anzac Day? No, that’s the 25th. Well, I guess I won’t go to the Dawn ceremony then. I guess sleeping in until 12.30pm like I did today is unusual for me, lately, given my get out of bed alarm system.

Yuck, I hate this.

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