Friday May 19th, 2000

We won! We won! Well, of course we did. But Brad wasn’t even judging, it was someone else completely impartial. What am I talking about? I think you know. And if you don’t, you can just chill while I recount the rest of the day.

Fuck it, I can’t remember what I did all day. Oh yeah, I woke up at like 9.30, and then went back to sleep until 12. I decided that it was too late by then to go into tech, so I read the paper and watched Sky for ages instead, I imagine. Eventually I went to the supermarket and bought a few bits and pieces, as you do. Most of the items in my trolley were non-alcoholic beverages of various persuasions – orange juice, cranberry juice, coke, sprite, red bull. I glorify in consumerism.

In the early evening, I set out to make leek and cauliflower soup. I was frying the leeks when suddenly I noticed that there were flames shooting out from under the pan. Quickly, I pulled the pan off the heat, and dropped an oven tray over the element in an attempt to smother the fire. That didn’t work. I was swearing profusely at this stage, and panicking more than just a little bit whilst trying to remain calm. Clayton happened to be passing by, so I was like “Clay, can you give me a hand?” and he was like “what’s up?” and I was very tempted to slap him, because I mean, the stove was on fire. He stood around unsure what to do, like me. I didn’t want to pour water on it in case it was a grease fire, so I turned the stove off at the wall, and grabbed the big glass wok lid and tried to smother it some more – which didn’t work. Hoping to pass on responsibility, I ran to Thomas’s room and got him to come out to the kitchen. He pointed out that it was just all the crap under the element burning, and that it’d probably burn itself out in a few minutes. Which, luckily, it did.

I was all trembly afterwards, like I always am after a mini crisis, so I decided to finish making the soup another night. I had bread and vodka for dinner instead, like a good Russian. Then I got all glammed up, and drank some more. And some more. Mmmm vodka and cranberry. Then Clay, Thomas and I took a taxi into tech to go to the Static FM (100.4 in the CBD) Launch Party at the Hub.

Fuck it was a GREAT party. I only paid for one drink. Everyone was there, so I parked myself at a table and talked to whoever happened to be in the vicinity. Even James Mcglinn showed up, which stumped me for a minute when I realised he doesn’t actually go to AUT. Yes, I was drunk and confused, I can admit to that. Eventually I realised that Thomas would have invited him. Justin told me he thought my dad was very funny and I thought “um okay”. Maree and I had big chats cos she was stuck with me cos of her broken leg. I told her she was a dark horse and she teased me about it for the rest of the time she was there. I talked to Jeremy’s girlfriend for ages without knowing what her name was – I hate that. Jody and I conspired some more about 3D. I told Andrew to drink red bull, which he did so for the rest of the night I kept asking him if he’d grown wings yet. And people bought me drinks which was really really good.

Eventually Eye TV started playing, so Shirley made me get up and dance. That was very cool, and I had heaps of fun. Brad and I joked about starting a mosh pit, but we didn’t really. The one thing that got to me though was they played a really slow song, and told everyone that they had to slow dance, and I didn’t have anyone to dance with. I mean, sure, I had been dancing with Clay before, but not like _that_ you know? No one actually did end up dancing, so it wasn’t like middle school, but but but. But I know what I wanted, and I know what I had, and the two didn’t corrospond. I wanted to dance with my boy, but he’s not mine, and we didn’t dance.

It was okay though, cos immediately after Eye TV, they announced the Dance Contest, so I grabbed Clayton, as we had pre-meditated. We were very very excited. Brad announced that everyone had to dance in couples, and that Rebecca would be going around the floor tapping people on the shoulder when she wanted them to move on. We were all set. And then they started playing mediocre techno. Ahh well, I was drunk enough to be able to dance to anything. And so we did. Clayton had this odd spinning thing he wanted to do which I just didn’t get, but we did it heaps so eventually I got it. I laughed every time he dipped me. In fact, I think I was just about laughing the whole time. It was great, truely great. Even falling on my ass was fun. Eventually, we realised that the dance floor was empty apart from three couples – me and clay, two guys, and three girls. So we all had to dance a little bit longer to determine who was going to be the runners up. I was very stoked. The two guys came third, the three girls came second, and me and clayton WON! YAAAAAY! Everyone cheered for us. It was probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me this year. Which is very sad, I know.

Oh, oh, but then when I was at the bar a little later, I got glad-handed by my eye candy from first year, and I was very excited about that too. Except I was kinda flushed and sweaty and stuff, and I was trying to find Brad to claim my prize, so unfortunately that didn’t last as long as it could have. Shirley took me and Clayton home after that. Clay was all sweaty, it was distgusting. We’re now fighting over the one tshirt and organizer that we won. We have yet to start in on our $50 bar tab at a vodka bar called Lenin.

So I got home shortly after 1am, and was still all wound up and worried at stuff so I was still awake at 4am. Then I had to get up at 8am to go into tech in order to finish my work by 12pm – grrr. I felt very very very ill.

Once I’d put my mediocre work onto the server, I hightailed it home and back to bed. I spent the rest of the day either sleeping, or watching sky, or napping. Brad Thomas and I went to Burger King for a fun family dinner. In the evening we watched a double bill of “Deseperately Seeking Susan” and “Valley Girl”. Both were terrifying. Like, you know, for sure.

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