Monday, June 5th, 2000

I feel just a tad seedy, but I figure it’s been ages since I’ve written a proper journal entry , so I owe you all a story or two. Some of you anyways.

Okay, so last night was the great Slumber Party that Maree and I have been planning for a while. She showed up around 6.30pm already clad in her pajamas, with a bag full of potato chips and the video of Return to Oz, and yelled at me to put on my pajamas, so I did, and pig tails too. So adorable.

Alrighty then, guest entry in Joannas journal by maree. Yes, the slumber party was last night and yes it was massive. I of course got completely smashed and I can’t even spell now my brain is getting revenge so sorry if this is a little disjointed. Jo is just admiring my beautiful shoe that the nice doctor person gave me for my cast which is bright blue with velcro straps mmmm velcro. So, back to the slumber party. Gay christian peter was there and a nice selection of kates and brad jo and clay (naturally) and Cess and trudy for a little while. And Justin but he was just too massive to mention. By the way ‘i have never’ is a very very very bad game never play it, in the words of kate m “its just a little too blatant”. Oh how I wish I had agreed with her. But that is a whole nother (confidential) story. And my pjs were beautiful. I can’t be bothered doing this anymore I’m far too hung over Jo write your own damn journal entry.

Thanks Maree!

Anyways, yes. After people arrived, we watched Return to Oz which was actually really really scary and I can’t believe it was rated ‘G’. In fact, none of us could. That’s nightmare material right there, that is. Oh wait, before Return to Oz we watched the Shortland Street special, forbidding any of the boys to talk, and getting all weepy. It was tremendous. After Return to Oz we decided to play a drinking game. Justin told us we had to play a game called “Maya” which seemed really really complicated, but it probably wasn’t as bad as we all thought it was. However, we were playing International Rules, so there was no pointing or swearing allowed, and we had to address each other by our last names, so it all got a bit much. We had to drink port and pink chandon, ewww. Then we played “I Have Never” and things got more interesting. Of course the Girl Sex questions came out first. You weren’t supposed to point and draw attention to people trying to drink subtley, but no one really stuck to that rule.

After that game, we watched the Princess Bride. Popular Kate (Kate Hamlin) and I were told off lots for quoting too much. Then around 3am we finally got some sleep.

Today Justin made us all a huge breakfast. I’ve never had breakfast made for me before. It was quite exciting. So much so that i had to go back to bed afterwards. People left, and then Maree came back later, and wrote my journal for me before helping me clean up some. Our twister mat was covered in jelly.

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