July 6, Thursday 2000

This will probably hopefully be a fairly short entry, as it’s past midnight already. Momma’s been on the computer all evening, finishing her reports for some art course she’s taking before she jets off to Canberra tomorrow. Our family spends more than 20% of its time in Australia. Wait, Anji spends 20% of our time in Australia, so we must spent like umm 30% of our time there? I dunno.

Work was stardardly boring today, as I imagine it is boring for you to read about, so I’ll try to keep this paragraph short too. I’m down to only two boxes of mail left to sort now, although I imagine more will arrive again tomorrow. I had to drag the sack upstairs by myself today cos Mail Boy wasn’t there. When I later returned the empty sack to him, I realised that he looks just like Robert Rakete. Maybe it is him. i know when I retire after my dazzling media career, the MOE will seem like the ideal place for me.

Two things amuse me at work. The first is when a really good song comes on my walkman, but it’s got to be something slightly evil, say Placebo’s “Change your taste in men” or Garbage’s “Vow” as it was today. I turn it up really really loud, close my eyes, and run my fingers down the skin behind my ears and along my neck. It gives the most amazing spinechilling tingling effects. And that makes me giggle for hours. Especially if the lights in the boss’s office are off, because that means I can see my own reflection better.

The other thing that amuses me is text messaging. It’s nice to be in contact with people that understand me during the day. I was trying to get Tom to ring up Channel Z and request Creed for me, cos I just had such a hankering to hear “Higher”, but I guess i wasn’t offering enough inncentive. So, I’m now pleased to announce the great
Dedications on the Radio Competition.

What I want is for you to get me a song played by James Coleman in the afternoon on Channel Z, between 3-6pm. Anyone who succeeds in doing this can name their prize. The Channel Z webpage is here and you can email James personally here, I think. The studio online email address is apparently studioz@tv3.co.nz, but that might have changed since he’s now doing the show out of Auckland. And the phone # is ummm 0508 Dial The Z. I think. I’m not entirely sure. Rise to the challenge, unlike Tom! Just get him to dedicate a song to me. That’s all i ask. That and “Higher”, so I can go into my Creedstance. Heh. Manage it the your prize of whatever is in my power to deliver is yours.

If only someone else had feesically challenged me to do this, I would!

Mum took me out to lunch today, which was nice because i won’t get to see her again before I go back to AUckland. Neil clipped me on his 10 Trip ticket this morning on the train, so after I got mine this evening, I asked the guard to clip him on mine. The guard offered to throw Neil off the train instead for me, but I had to refuse on grounds that I had no house keys on me.

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