Sunday the 9th of July, 2000

My face hurts a little from smiling and nodding. I went and saw Granny yesterday. Today I went and saw Oma. Fuck I’m good!

I slept in on Friday, so I didn’t make it to work until about 1pm – naughty naughty me! Tom kept text messaging me to tell me that he was winning all sorts of shit off Channel Z. I told him that as he was obviously so intimate with the dj, he could bloody well get me my song dedication, but he claimed he was getting too close, that him and David needed some space. So I looked elsewhere for my satisfaction. Ten minutes later, the Rock played “Higher”. I was so stoked, I almost pissed myself laughing. And I slipped discreetly into my Creedstance, raising my foot up onto my chair and making a fist. But I did it pretending to search through my boxes, so that was clever of me. Fuck I’m trajic. I swear, me and really really bad music is like squeezing pimples. It’s gross, it’s disgusting and you so shouldn’t do it, but secretly, it’s kinda exciting how much puss can jump out.

Yes anyways. Ummmmmmm, I don’t think anything else exciting happened at work. I had to watch Dawson’s Creek in the evening with my father. I thought he was going to be okay when he suggested Pacey should take off some more clothes, but then he started making stupid comments. I yelled at him to shut up and let me cry in peace. It was a brilliant episode. Pacey just keeps on getting better and better. I can’t wait to be back in the flat watching the show with the Gang. Straight after Dawson’s, I rung home because Maree had told me she was going to be there, but there was no answer. Eventually she text’d me her home #, so I rang her there, and we had a little natter for a bit, which was choice mate. I spent the evening at home, very very bored. So bored in fact, I was almost going to make Mark come out drag racing with me in the van, but I didn’t quite.

On Saturday I got up reasonably early again, to go into town to meet Karen. Driving the van is weeeeeird because there’s no gear stick or clutch, and it feels like it’s going to fall over and make lots of creaking noises. On the plus side, it’s tall enough to accomodate my tiara, and it has power steering. Karen and I wanted to go and sit in the sun for lunch, so we tried Plum in Cuba Mall, but that was in the shade, and the menu didn’t seem too exciting anyways. So I bought another hoody (mmmmmmm soft) and we moved back to the Courtney Quarter. We ended up at Zing, because I’ve always wanted to go there. It was lovely and sunny, but the food was mediocre and too expensive for what it was, and the service was nothing special. I flashed the whole restaurant by removing too many layers at once. Oh well, it was just my slip.

Then I went home to get Neil, and together we went to Granny’s house, and stayed for an hour and a bit. Smile and nod, smile and nod. Her unit is so small, I can’t believe someone could live there. And it’s so blaaargh. It must be so horrible living a life that bleak. But she doesn’t find it bleak. She really enjoys her scrabble, and her church, and her plants, and new curtains, and I guess that’s cool. I just don’t think that’s the life I want for myself, if I ever get old.

Emily Valentine put “Euphoria” in Brandon’s drink on 90210. He was like, completley out of control, man! He had his shirt off, and he danced, and they made out on his car. Wild! I left the house around 10pm to go back to Karen’s house and pick her up for the Buffy Marathon – exciting Saturday night. FUCK I MISS MY FRIENDS! AAAAARGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH I AM GOING CRAZY FROM LACK OF CONTACT! Sorry, anyways. We watched Ice As, and I lusted after Hugh Sundae lots, as usual. OH! And they had a cameo from John Campbell. That’s my two media idols, right there. Neil stayed up for two episodes of Buffy, which kinda irked me and Karen a little, but not a lot. I love our couch, it’s so big and comfy, although some of the time I felt like kicking Karen off so I could fully stretch out. She breathes loudly. But she’s nice to cuddle up with. I cried at Buffy some, cos I’m such a big wussy girl. I don’t mind though.

We went to bed about 5am, but then I had to get up at 10 to take Karen into town for work, and to drive out to Paraparaumu to see Oma. It was such a gorgeous day, it was a really nice drive. Oma was going to take me to a Thai restaurant, only it wasn’t open, being a sunday and all, so we searched the Kapiti phonebook for somewhere else. We ended up going to a place called Aqua Vite, at Lindale Farm. It was crap. The food was bland and icky, and the interior was horrible – rest home meets fake farm, and the staff were all over fifty. Not that I’m picky or anything! We argued about money a little bit – she wanted to give me more. Which is ridiculous, given that she already gives me far too much as it is. Sometimes I really feel like I live off a silver platter. I like Oma, and NOT because she gives me money. She’s funny, and I can make her laugh too. She told me that boys like girls with lots of money, so I need to have more money to get a boyfriend. Oh, is THAT what the problem is? And there I was thinking it had something to do with me!

Umm, that’s about all for now, I think. I should really take my contact lenses out, cos my eyes hurt. Okay, will do. Byee!

Oh! Just before I go, I had the weirdest dream the other morning. I dreamt Matt Sawkill emailed me this really nice long letter, which was cool. The strange part was that part of the letter was instructions on how to keep my coat nice and glossy – eating lots of eggs and olive oil. Which is a direct outtake from the Simpsons episode when Bart got a dog called Laddie. I didn’t think I was a border-collie dog, but maybe he knows something I don’t. And why I’m dreaming about Matt Sawkill, I do not know.

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