Monday the 10th of July, 2000

I’m online like before 9pm for once, in the hopes that I’ll actually get an early night tonight. I went to bed at 2 this morning, because I was dumb and stayed up late talking to Kini and sundry boys (or is that sun dried?). Not that there’s anyhting wrong with talking to Kini, only I had to get up at 7am, which is very icky.

I was SO excited at work today, because there was a new temp in, and he was young and male, and not half spunky, although I guess fresh meat’s always appealing no matter how it’s packaged. You have to excuse me, because my hormones are really springing to action this week screaming “hey! you’re at your most fertile right now! make babies!”, but I’m trying not to pay them any attention. Anyways, yes, back to the temp. I was stoked when he got seated at one of my two tables (one for opening and stacking mail, one for sorting mail) and we started chatting and it was cool, but then grrrrrrr my aunt came along and moved him to some other desk. Damn damn damn. Oh, and my mother narked on me to my aunt, and told her that I was planning on being sick on Wednesday to avoid the morning tea. My aunt said she’d take me downstairs for coffee instead. I felt really really embarrassed.

At lunchtime i was walking to the supermarket when a young man ran out of a shop and yelled at me. How rude!

I heard three Creed songs today, but none of them were “Higher” I had this whole big long list of things to remember to write about. However, I wrote that list on the back of one of the envelopes, and I left it at work. I might have even thrown it out. I hope not – I dunno if I can remember the poem I wrote on it. But just trying to remember my list, it went something like this:
Rock promos
I should ________ (I so can’t remember how this point ended, but i know it was a brilliant idea!)
or maybe just choke to death on my water
Peter: len, 5ive Crazy
LONESTAR, front page ( I forgot that one, but luckily I’d told Neil to remind me)
Mum narked on me! (which I have already mentioned)
I think that’s about it. So now you know exactly how my day went, huh? Or maybe I should expand each of those points. I might just change their order around a little bit.

In an attempt to break the monotony, and to hear Creed, you may remember that i tuned The Rock into my walkman. Now, readers who don’t live in NZ might not be familiar with The Rock. I’ll voice some of their station IDs for you – just imagine that i’m all deep and manly, like someone doing the introductions at the WWF:
“If your workshop doesn’t listen to The Rock, you’re not a real mechanic. The Rock”.
“Women… can’t live with ’em, can’t make em dress up in a gimp suit and spank you with a piece of celery”
And so forth. They have ads for strippers – I kid you not. It’s a real blokey radio station. A guy rang up the dj today to ask what he should get his girlfriend for her 25th birthday – the DJ suggested saucy knickers. And that was all he would suggest – apart from passing the girl around the guys’ friends as her birthday treat.

At lunchtime, they played a “lunchbox” of three Aerosmith songs in a row – I didn’t listen to them all, I swear, I surfed away. But they made me cringe to remember that i used to really like Aerosmith. In 1994 back in Tokyo, Beth and I were going to go to their concert, but we also wanted to go to Radiohead (we only knew ‘Creep’ but sung our own words to it “I’m a D, I’m a D Day – I wish I was E Day” – ASIJ had a funny rotating six day scheduale) and since we couldn’t chose which one we wanted to see more, we went to neither. I so used to worship Alicia Silverstone in the Aerosmith videos as well. For one school dance, Mum made me a short dress that had flared sleeves and looked kinda like what she wore in the “Amazing” video, and i was SO stoked. I borrowed Anji’s boyfriend’s doc boots, and just felt very cool. Anyways.

So that’s The Rock, and Aerosmith explained. I can’t remember what my brilliant idea was, unfortnately. I choked to death by thinkign there was very little water in my cup when it was actually full and I swallowed it all at once. I’m making Peter burn me a cd to play at our party. And I already explained about Mum narking on me, which just leaves me with LONESTAR to deal with.

I heard “Baby I’m amazed” many many times today, and I TRIED to listen to it, but it really is just a completly crap song. However, it does have some great memories associated with it – damn I love you girls so much! I wanna move to sydney! Kini and Olivia don’t want me to take the Lonestar bit off the front page, but I’m afraid that a stranger might come to my page and think I’m a total cracker. But then again, if they can’t handle cracker, then they can’t handle me. So there.

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