Tuesday the 11th of July, 2000

Here’s today’s list of observations:
Enlist: Kid A, Pet, surely something Placebo
Man I’m tempted to throw out some of these forms. They’ve finally emptied the overflowing rubbish bin
Why is the toilet seat up in the ladies bathroom?
Firestarter, as anthemic as Teen Spirit? I think not!
It’s good to have a job that allow me plenty of time to think about the BIG ISSUES – like whether or not Brittany Spears is putting out now that she’s engaged.
“if you wanna be my lover, don’t get with my friends please”
nooooooo not lonestar! It’s almost more than I can take!
Channel Z is playing a lot of NZ music. Good for them.
I wonder what time Napolean shuts.
It’s double shot tuesday on the Rock
ha ha ha – there’s a couple in Takaka/Nelson who’s names are Che and Lennon. Bloody hippies!
Robbie Willams has never been in love. We need to meet! Who couldn’t love me?
“Good lovers make great enemies”

I believe in karma, obviously, but I’m not sure if I believed in fate before today. I think sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. But anyways, today at lunch, I just had absolutely no idea what i wanted to eat for lunch, so I wandered around the neighbourhood like twice, before settling on a bread roll from the dairy-ish place. I’d just sat down in the square when I saw a girl walking across it who caught my eye – firstly because she was wearing a singlet, and it’s the middle of winter (although it was gorgeously sunny), and then because she looked an awful lot like Annushka. I stared at her, and she stared at me, and then started walking towards me, and i was SO happy because i realised it was my friend Pixie. I hadn’t seen her since last April, and had only talked to her once since then. It’s funny trying to catch up six months in half an hour, but it was so lovely to see her. She was all radiantly happy and everything, and it was just so so so cool. She was like “I always knew I’d see you again unexpectedly”. We’re having lunch again on Thursday. See, that’s why i believe in fate. If I’d known what I wanted to eat, I would have eaten it and been back inside the MOE before she’d shown up.

I finished opening, sorting, stamping and entering the numbers of ALL the mail today. Yes, that’s right, even the box of it that Robert Rakete delivered to me today. I was very proud. Of course there’ll be more tomorrow, but not that much. This meant that Diz put me on form-checking. That means I get a red pen, and post-it notes! Life is very exciting.

I smiled at everyone I saw walking down Lambton Quay this evening. I don’t care if they didn’t smile back. I stopped smiling though, when I ended up waiting outside of Unity Books for half an hour with no sign of Karen or Neil. Grrrrrr if only they had cellphones. They were waiting for me all cosy in Kopi, when I’d said to meet at Unity. I was very very shitty. But then Karen looked like she was going to cry, so I got over it. Dinner was nice – fish with coconut cream, lemon grass and coriander. Mmmmm fresh coriander. I think that’s about all I have to say. It’s 11.30, I think I will go to bed now.

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