Tuesday the 11th of July, 2000

I have hot wax still stuck to my face which is always an interesting way to begin a journal entry. The wax is acutally cold now, and picked off, but it still gave me a hell of a fright. Actually it’s all weird and my light is dimmmed, and I’m cold and I’m hot and I feel sick but I want more, and I vommited ages and ages ago and I hope that kins gets back online soon because I really wanna talk to someone. Leigh rang me tonight, I was very impressed.

So yes, the party. Brad and I went to Liquor King this morning, very excited to be able to spend our windfall of $130. We even got a trolley, it was so good. And of course he got lots of staff discount. Strangely, most of the bottles are like half empty now, go figure. Hoody? Yes, I think that would be a good idea right about now, Joanna. Mmmm, much better. Damn, I really do feel sick. After trying Brad’s margarita, i threw up, a fairly substantial amount even, because tequila is just bad bad bad for me. But I don’t think I wanna throw up anymore. I would quite like to not feel sick though, but somehow I doubt that’s a practical solution. I felt pretty proud, knowing I was the first party casualty, and I bounced right back. Apparently Jeremy ended up quite quite sick. Renee was very cool – she is his g/f. But I’m jumping all over the place. Okay, I will focus. No, really. Actually no, I dunno if I can be fucked. So maybe I will use some li tags.
Cocktails. Lots of them. Ice and stuff and blenders. Good.
Maree. Fucking love her. Big talks, lying on my bed. Choice. Imaginary b/f. I think I scored him on the dance floor.
Dancing with Clayton is SO much fun. Brilliant gay friend, even if he thinks he’s not. There is no attraction between us and will never be, which makes it fun, because we don’t have to worry and can enjoy dips and twists and going down.
Same with Brad. He orders me onto the dance floor and I obey because it was Enrique. Later they played Balimos. Eye contact is important when pseudo-tangoing. Skirt flipping, turns with flourishes, COME ON TIQUERO and all of that. We got applause. It was probably most for him. I can handle.
Apparently I looked really good tonight, my silver scarf is a big hit. I felt good. But I took off my tiara after throwing up.
Shirley and I have danced to pulp fictiony songs at every party we have ever been to, practically. I love her big lots.
After clayton left with a bunch of young slappers – his g/f’s friends – we decided it’d be a really good idea to take lewd photos in his bed. It was me and brad and justin at first, I think, with Nig on camera. And then it was more of us. Brad has his shirt off. I tied peter up with my scarf. Later Justin and Pete were licking jelly off brad’s nipples.
We put signs up around our house. There was a Slappers’ Corner that I photographed Maree and Popular Kate in, and there was a sign over the couch in the dining room that said “Scoring Couch”. I thought I’d never sat in it, but then Brad reminded me I’d been on it with Maree and Kate M.
Maree and I were talking on my bed when Nigel came in, and was disappointed we were only talking. He asked questions shamelessly. He got answers. I hope he had the decency to blush.
Brad and I bit our lips every time we saw Randall, who is most famous for saying you can tell when a girl is coming cos she bites her lip. I wouldn’t know.
Big talks with Kate Benton on the couch outside again. I swear I wasn’t smoking. Toasts to things.
I cried today, when the Indian fellows carried their purchase away. Sure, it was a hundred and seventy dollars and we wanted the anteroom cleared out, but that’s where I’d spent at least fifty percent of my nights on, and ti was just strange. It’s good, really. I guess. Just nostalgia, and stuff. Things I miss but know I am better off without.
Sure I buy second hand clothing, but not off people I know.
Oh you’re coming over are you?
Back to the party stories. Brad and I had a TROLLEY at liquor king today, which was very exciting. Many many bottles. Most of which are half empty now. Maree and I loved our blender drinks. Flatmates working in liquor stores is good.
I can’t remember what I was going to say. I think Shirley’s flatmate richard was the onyl one that signed our guestbook (HI PETRA!). I was talking to him, except “who do you think you are?” came on.
Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee Robbie.
Ummm. Renee was cool. I said that already. Vodka jellies! I made blueberry flavoured. It was scary looking. When we were drinking drinks made with blue curaco, I was like, “you’re drinking Period Water”. People didn’t mind.
little mini dramas, mellow dramas, it was all vaguely amusing if you disconnected enough. What else is worthy of mentions? Clayton’s g/f’s slapper friends – “did you sleep with romy, did you sleep with romy?” oh my god I am trajic!
Kath (ex arch enemy?) and her b/f were cool. He was wearing my helmet at some stage, I dunno what was up with that. I dunno where the helmet is either. there’s an elephant hanging in our hall though. I just typed “tho”. I’ve been americanised abbreviating lately, and I just don’t like it.
What other little snippets? I mean, you weren’t there, you can’t have experianced the same thrills I did. All of us thronged on the huge dancefloor we’d cleared in the lounge to the Spice Girls. Shaking our asses to Enrique. The photos in Clayton’s bed were fun. I even licked Brad’s toes. Six flavours of vodka jelly spoon fed to one another. Pizza, wedges, we know how to entertain.
Kate Benton’s attempts at subtlety at the end of the night, closing my door when she left the room – “good night guys!”. Oh subtle. But no. Still, full marks for attempting to be a team player!
Clayton is apparently shooting a movie at our flat tomorrow. Set after a party. I hope he cleans up afterwards. Him and Kate should do all the cleaning, since me and Brad did all the setting up. Oooh, I have another red bull in the fridge. Unless Stephen drank it. He’d better not have. Or I will smash his pseudo homosexual ass.
There is a bug in my room, and someone is snoring in the lounge/dining room. My money is on Todd. He tried to tell me he got his shirt from Robbie Williams. I was willing to believe.
Brad says Gavvie looks like Harry Potter, so I told him that. That’s not Gavin Rossdale, unfortunately.
Popular Kate and Maree both have job interviews at 8.30am tomorrow. Or today. In four hours time, even. They wanna work at Disneyworld. I hope they get to meet people in Animal Costumes. Kara wasn’t sure people in animal costumes are hilarious. I think clay should dump her. I mean, it was Flatmate Criteria that our new flatmate had to find people in animal costumes HILARIOUS. And I think the rules should apply to girlfriends too. Lord knows that’s how I chose my women. No, really! Man girls are dumb. And goddam, it’s freezing today. Socks? I think so. Someone spilt something all over ym floor. Melon liquer, I think. Wood floors rock, except for yesterday when Brad and I were playing soccer, and I turned it into football, and when I went for my touchdown, I got it but then slipped on my ass. It was all caught on webcam too. Class. I was going to say something, but I forgot. Oh, i have half of bracket i bracket White Pony bracket slash i bracket now. Which is a good thing. I write like I talk, which is a bad thing. I was rung from Australia today, but I was putting on lipstick and my tiara so I probably sounded like a real git, sorry. Did I stop putting in LI tags? Can you cope with the lack of paragraphing? You’re a tough audience, I know you can. kiiiiiiins why are you letting your brother use your computer? You’re too nice.

Hiccup. I’ve been looking at the tech radio station page – http://www.static.co.nz . It’s choice. Many of those people were at our partay tonight. We made faerie bread. Brad wore his wings to pass it around. Is that someone else’s stereo in this house I can hear, or just like me going mad? I told Clayton and Brad that the last time both their g/fs slept over, I heard a bed creaking and had to turn on my stereo and read for ages till it stopped. Both of them had the decency to blush. Fuck I’m a rude bitch. I don’t mind. Hmm, I think one of my tea lights is burning out. That is also pretty rude. Andee and Amy couldn’t make it

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