Red Book V

These are highlights from my journal that I kept in my red book in Australia. Obviously, it’s not everything. I was doing a whole bunch of thinking, and no one needs to read all of that. But these are the entertaining highlight parts.
Tuesday 27th July 2000


Right now I’m in some under Kini’s building, drinking a mediocre coffee. I went to bed around 3am becuase i didn’t want to end up lying in bed not sleeping. I was also swapping emails with some paranoid guy who thought maybe I knew him, when I didn’t. And I was playing minesweeper and reading She Hates My Futon and other really important things like that.

Oh oh, yesterday evening, Jeb and Adam came around. Adam sat in a corner adn said hardly anything, which was a bit spooky – I think he must be shy. But Jeb was very cool, and told us very amusing stories about being asked to father kids.

**(long boring drawn out piece on sexuality)***

Gosh, this is very deep for 9.42 in the morning. Yay for Kini lending me her cellphone. Fuck, I so crave a 3210.


I’m havign lunch with Olivia at 1pm. Right now I feel morning sick – oh that good old feeling! But I think it’s just the usual “this is far too early for me” complaint. Anyways, I’m getting side tracked. Back to lunch with Olivia.

Later – 12.35pm

I’m tired of shopping! I still haven’t got Neil anything. I did get Olivia a candle and lantern though. I want to buy myself makeup, but I’m trying to resist. I want to buy Kini something. I need to get Neil a pressie. I may or may not go back to HMV and buy * for myself. It’s only $20. I need new music ot go along with my new frame of mind.

I wrote out postcards for the GG, Andee, Anji, the folks and Shirley. Okay, these kids are pissing me off. Must change locations and go wait for Olivia now.

Well, I’m waiting for Oliva. There are so many shoe stores in Sydney, it’s absofuckinglutely crazy, and yet, there are no size 11 shoes. What goes on with that, man? My ass is cold and there’s this gray haze all over the city. Pollution? I dunno. I wonder how Kini’s work is going. She was so worried about me, thinking I’d be all bored and lost and shit. But no no, not me! After lunch, I’m going to go find a movie to watch. Not Star Wars again though!

There’s a guy sittng on the corner of the roof of the building opposite me, one leg dangling over the edge. Think he’s going to jump? Probably not. But he doesn’t look like he’s wearing a uniform or anything, so I wonder what goes on! There’s two of them now, but not so right on the edge. I guess they’re just having lunch. Somehow I get the feeling this is a very popular lunch spot. Wait no, I mean meeting spot.

I must start going out with Kate Benton now she’s moved in, and we’re both legal to drink. This guy just walked past, and I bet he thinks he looks like Keanu Reeves. But oh yeah, back to Kate Benton! Yes, I think going out and meeting people is definately a good idea, as opposed to staying in and sleeping with people you met on the Internet. Don’t you EVER learn your bloody lesson?

Later – 5.10pm

Well, Olivia and I didn’t eat lunch – she had a smoothy and I had a milkshake – and we sat outside and talked for an hour.

Later, in Super Burger:

“I have no knife with which to smear you” – Olivia, 7.40pm, SuperBurger, 27/6/00

Kini’s Wishlist
In the YMCA membership
2 ears
have to believe in Fair Trade
not a snappy dresser
must not wear jandals
likes stubbies but tried to deny it
begging is good
must be Keith the Busker

Olivia’s Criteria for Men
ugly, except for Morgan
Funny looking
must be linux guru
must have a pot belly
must not be myself (ie Olivia)
must let me ravish random lesbians
bad dresser but willing to change when I chose their wardrobe
must be healthy eaters
like having nipples fondled

“I thought i was dreaming about Olivia’s underwear” – Kini 9.20pm

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