August 8, 2000

I am more than a little bored today. Well, this evening anyways. I did stuff today – like pay phone bills, and domainz bills, and umm there was something else too. Oh yeah, I finished the invites for Clay. At least I think I have. He’ll probably want stuff changed on them. Would it be mean of me to put up photos of him in his boxer shorts? I guess so. Damn. Ahh well.

What are these pictures in aid of, you ask?

Well, it occured to me the other day when Kini and I were in a threesome (chat) that although we’ve made many references to it, I never did write up the story of The Grace. So I intended to that this evening, but only got as far as scanning in the products I stole from it. Stories of sordidness will have to wait.

Besides, K doesn’t want me to embarrass her too much so I ill need to figure out a way to skirt around the whole bathtub thing.

Kate brought light blue milk today, as I suspected she would, even after I asked her for dark blue. I wanted Brad to ask her, so she’d take it less personally. Oh the drama. I love my flat!

If you do a search for “Joanna” on altavista, my site is the fourth one that comes up. That impresses me much, even if I am not Joanna Dark as many people would have me be.

I deleted 300 pieces of email today from my email account box. This made me proud. There was stuff from it I was gonna mention, but I forget now.

August 27th, 1999:

“Man, I’ve already snogged two people I met on the Internet, moved in with another one, and gone out with yet another person from it – enough’s enough.”

Well, yes.

I want someone to drink with right now, and also someone to tell me how to hang my pictures straight, cos I can’t look and do at the same time, if you know what I mean. Brad broke the rest of the glass out of my car for me today. He’s a sweetie. Clayton’s sick, poor baby. I’m fine, I’m well, except I would kill for a massage.

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