August 9, 2000

Wednesday August 9th, 2000

Sure, rum relaxes the body, but damn, it leaves my mouth all dry! I’ve had a shit day today. I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something – I couldn’t have gotten out on the wrong side, unless I vaulted over the footboard, which I didn’t. But I do remember waking up in the middle of the night, and thinking I had no idea where the fuck I was – which was crazy, because I was in my own bed and everything. It’s like I lost my mind for a half a minute. And then today when I was driving, I had flashbacks and got confused as to what was going on. Scary.

But yeah, anyways, I was running late and it looked like rain, so I had to take my car into tech today. But of course, there’s no glass in the side window at the back. I went to tape something over it, but we had no tape, and no something, so I had to flag that idea. Then the parking building was really really full of people going to the ballet, and I wanted to go to the ballet instead of to a boring class, and there were lots of little kids, and that annoyed me too. So I went up to the journo room, and saw Shirley really briefly, which annoyed me even more, because I hardly ever get to see her anymore. And then I went into the radio studio and griped for a bit, ditto, because I don’t see those people much either. Then I went to Multimedia Project and wrote indignant emails as we diagramed the process of making a pavlova. Mmm. Peter Mansfield had us start to use Multimedia Project, and I managed to pick up on the basics of it okay, so I filled out ours for the group. Me and my group members all compared layouts we’d done for our client. Mine was very very very lowfie, and it was the only bloody one done in HTML. Grrr. Peter in our group doesn’t speak the best English, and doesn’t seem to completely comprehend that we need more than just a nice picture. We’re mostly going with Trevor’s idea, but simplifying it down. I got lots of props for my version though – which wasn’t just super simple cos I was lazy. Oh no, really it wasn’t. Anyways, after class, I was walking out of the State, and I saw Jody and Fleur, and once again felt pangs cos I NEVER see Jody anymore, just after we got close last semester. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Me and Morrison (Kate) and Shirley are planning a retro night for next thursday – Pizza Pizza for first year, Ladies Night at Planet Hollywood just because, and karaoke at the Hub for second year. But still, it’s just not the same.

Then I got a sandwich takeout, and was just about to go down to my car when it occured to me to look for my keys in my bag. And I couldn’t find them. I took all the stuff out of my bag. I couldn’t find them. I debated whether it’d be better to go and look for them on the ground by my car (if it was still there) or retrace my steps back to the State. So grrring a lot, I went back to the 14th floor. No keys. Journo room – no keys. Radio room was locked, so no sign of Brad. 13th floor – no keys. I tried to suss out the phone in the lab to call Kate and ask her to drive in the spare key for me, but there was no answer. Just then, I spotted my keys, wedged inside my book. Well, at least I found them, I guess, but I was still very very annoyed.

Then driving home annoyed me as well, and for some reason I was really pissed off to come home and find Kate sprawled out in front of the heater. But she was lovely, and gave me hugs and affection and forced an issue, which was good. It’s amazing what things female flatmates keep stored in their rooms But then she and Brad both went out to their seperate works, and left me. I veged out in front of the TV, drinking celebratory kahlula and milks in an attempt to spare the boys the pain of having to drink Balance Milk. I’m such an altruist, really. They also settled my stomach which had unsettled itself straight after dinner. I think maybe I was going into caffiene withdrawl – I feel SO much better now that I’ve had some coke.

Brad came home while I was watching some Inside NZ documentary on the Wellsford School Ball, which was far more interesting than it should have been. The new series of 90210 has started tonight. They’re all so old! I think I like the repeats better. Not just cos of Brenda though, really. Although she is my fav character. Then Clay came home, and made me change things on his invitations. I got quite quite shitty – not really with him, but I was still very grumpy and stuff, and I HATE having to do things for print – it’s much much easier to work in terms of pixels. And personally, I think the changes he made me do are pretty dumb and the original looks much better. Of course, taht’s my own completely unbiased opinion, naturally. Shall I show you? Okay. Mine makes allusions to Gargamel and the smurfs, of course.

The first is obviously the poster he wanted me to makeover, the second is what I did, and the third is what he made me do. Sheesh, the nerve of some people, wanting to design their own party invites! He’s renting out a small theatre and screening Human Traffic, you see. Film buff boy.

But that’s okay, cos while we were fucking around with that, Brad went to the supermarket for mixers, and when he came back, he made me a nice strong drink, which was goooooood. And so we watched Buffy, which was very amusing too. Beer good! You stupid! No, YOU stupid. Ahh, cavemen eh?

I still feel weird. Ahh well, maybe it’s ummmm something. I’m still not convinced that I’ve hung my dali pictures right, but that’s okay. Oooh, I have a book to read, so maybe I should do that instead of doing this. Did I mention that Shirley came around tonight, but only briefly? Well, she did, but she seemed far more taken with Selector Magazine’s interview with Robbie. I don’t blame her though. Ayyyee Robbie! I can’t believe he didn’t show up at our party. What a cunt. But I guess I can forgive him. Especially now that news is he’s taking holidays with Geri Halliwell. Oh Pop Music, how could I have shunned you for so long?

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