August 10, 2000

Thursday August 10th, 2000

Despite having a coffee right before class, I am currently falling asleep. I’m in the middle of “Instructional Design for Multimedia” class. We’re learning Authorware. However, it’s only installed on half the machines, and mine isn’t one of them, and learning over someone’s shoulder just doesn’t appeal. Quite apart from the fact that Authorware is dumb. It looks like an apple mac program or something and it’s so non-intuitive. Director is much better. Lordy, have I really reached the state of my life where I’m bitching about computer software? I guess so.

Clayton made me come to class today, by asking me what I’d do if I stayed home. I was like “umm, bum around on the net probably” and then I realised I could just as easily do that at tech. So here I am. I burnt my mouth on my coffee, which is wrong, because it shouldn’t have been that hot. But I had a nice strong sandwich with it – advocado and salami and olives and onions and pesto on swirly brown/white bread. I bet my breath smells absolutely lovely now! I took my sandwich up to the Journo room, where I talked to Brad – a radio student, and Maree – a PR student. Go figure. It was the first time all semester I’d actually seen Maree at tech.

I like looking down the gap in the banisters in the stairwell. 15 floors is a long way down. One day I’m going to drop something. I wish the computer lab windows would open so I could spit on people. That’s not very nice of me.

Ooh fuck, I’m supposed to be doing this virtual newsreader thingie in flash for MM Broadcasting class, and the sound files I’m supposed to use are too large to fit on floppy. Damn I wish I had a zip drive. Hang on, I’m dumb, they WILL fit, just not all on the one disk. I must go buy some floppies and take them home, I guess. Damn. There’s kids playing on swings in Myers Park. I wanna go there.

There were more letters to the editor in the Herald today that really bugged me – dumb old people wanting to block kids’ access to condoms and birth control, because “they shouldn’t be having sex anyway and if they wanted to steal cars we wouldn’t teach them to hotwire them, would we?” . Yes, that’s right, don’t teach your kids about sex. Definately don’t let them protect themselves from disease and pregnancy. That’s the way to encourage them to be open and honest with you. Adults always know best, after all, and if you ignore it, the problem WILL go away. In 1937 in Germany, sex education classes were banned. 100,000 teenagers went to a big camp at the Nuemberg Ralllies – 1800 girls went home pregnant. I just thought I’d include that fact because 1. I remember it from an essay I wrote in 6th form, and 2. every time someone says something is bad, they compare it to the Nazis. As one politics lecturer put it; “well, the NAZIS ate breakfast”. Sorry, I’m rambling again. I want some binoculars so I could spy on the Sheraton.

Why is the flag on the Town Hall flying at half mast? No one important has died lately, have they? Oh, that Avondale College guy maybe. Where did that whole half mast tradition come from anyways? I’m going to play the lame skiing game now. Oh, shattered! it’s not on this computer at all. How rude!

I have a sudden primary school urge to start graphing the numbers of coloured cars in the parking strip across the road, but I will try and contain myself. Ooh! Have you seen those new fiats (i think they’re fiats)? Fuck, they are the most hideous cars in the whole world. Worse than those slug mercedes. They’re the ones that look kinda like a tank, with a super wide and big windscreen, and like, creases in the front, and they’re all square and curvey at the same time. I’ll see if I can find a picture. That would be a constructive use of my time! Here it is: It looks ever worse from the side. How can so much design work go into something, and then end up with such a bad product???? And the NAME! Mulitpla. What the fuck?? Okay, can you tell I’m just a little bored?

The hum and buzz of all these computers, plus the air con system really really bugs me. I actually suspect it’s why I always end up feeling so drained after class. At least Peter Mansfield talks loud enough. It was always impossible to hear Stuart, with his dribbling little voice. You know, we don’t even have to do an assignment in Authorware, so WHY do we have to learn it? Grrr! OH! And he just called me JoannE. I HATE that. Semantics. Speaking of which, I’ll just make the decleration now that I mostly handcode, except for the odd page done in Dreamweaver. (That’s relevant to some people, you know). Of course, if I WAS a blogger, I could upload this now, instead of emailing it to myself at home, and then going through and adding in html tags, changing my index page and ftping them both to entertainz. I’m going to shut up about this now, because it’s not my argument.

Right, Instructional Design is over, and now it’s Multimedia Broadcasting. Thrilling. Today we’re learning about datacasting. I would pay attention only he’s talking about Virtual Spectator which = yachting. And i think we all know how I feel about that. Don’t get me wrong – I love boats and yachts. But not as a sport, especially not the America’s Cup. So I’m unpatriotic – oh well. I wanna go see “The Patriot” with Mum, despite its horrendous reviews, because it’d be like double-dating – she’s very keen on Mel, and I quite fancy Heath.

Oh clever, they’ve installed a 28.8 modem in this lab. I wonder if it’s just for Bob’s computer. I think it must be, because mine is fast. The 28.8 is for testing our flash applications, apparently. Which is a good idea, I guess. There’s a cord stretching up through the ceiling for it, which amuses me more than maybe it should.

Hmm, the sky is clouding over and it looks very menacing. Why does it always rain on me? There’s this one grad dip in the class who asks even MORE dumbass kissup questions than the others that we all hate. We being me and my friends in this class, Comm students as opposed to grad dips. And we’re very opposed to them.

I don’t have a proper nemesis, though. I’ve always always had one before, as I think I have gone on about before at great length. AMybe I should get back into the IRC community, because they were always the best kinds of enemies to have.

Oh, we have to get our heads around “tell target” do we, bob? When oh when will I be good at Flash? When will I, will I be famous? I wanna go home. I’m bored rabid. I think I WILL go home instead of staying here to work on exersizes when he excuses us. I should probably make notes of the wavs first. The wavs for my assignment, that is. But then again, if I go home, will I just end up watching TV? I guess that’s a chance I’ll have to take!

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