August 11, 2000

Friday August 11th, 2000

I’ve been giggling again all evening, but despite Clayton’s disparaging remarks, it’s not because of bedroom shenanigins. No indeedy. Do you know what we did this evening? PAPER MACHE! It is sooooooooo cool! We’re making a bear. We rock. So much. Oh, and I’ve mastered the art of picking up a beer bottle in my teeth, drinking from it and putting it down again, all hands free. I rock. Brad and Clay couldn’t do it as well, because they claimed they didn’t have the tongue skill nessecary to block backwash. Oh yes, I am so talented.

Oooh, Brad also brought home for me my Static tshirt! So what if they’ve changed frequency now and the dance contest was months ago. I was still very excited – as you can see

Ahh gratuitous tit shots, where WOULD we be without them? I’ve been reading Cosmo tonight, as has Brad. Very entertaining. What else is new? Umm, DC left me feeling slightly unfulfilled, I dunno why. Too many new characters perhaps, and not enough interaction between the old ones? Definately not enough Pacey.

Blather blather blather. I’m making a Flash robot. Mmm, I know. It’s supposed to read the news. I haven’t got very far on it yet. I did have a nice long phone conversation with Trudie though, who I haven’t talked to properly since like – shirley’s 21st or something. Crazy.

Okay, the downside/upside of drinking beer like that is that you get kinda sozzled kinda quickly, and this is too scattered, so I will stop now.

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