August 12, 2000

Saturday August 12th, 2000

For some reason today I thought it was Sunday today, even though I was thinking that as I read the Saturday paper. Justin was around this morning and he is very loud, yet I still managed to sleep sporadically until 1.30pm. That’s after I kicked Tahallulah out sometime around 7, that is. It’s nice sleeping with a kitty kat cuddled up against me, although she purrs sooooooo much, but it’s annoying after she wakes up. I told Justin about my amazing skill at drinking beer without using my hands, and he said that must mean I give good blow jobs. I told him apparently so. And then I made him cheese on toast. Brad went to work in the afternoon, and I forgot to tape Hangtime for him. D’oh.

I felt sick, so I had a shower and retreated to bed to finish reading cosmo. Then I realised my period had started, and was happy for a minute until the cramps kicked in. And then Ron came knocking on the front door. I answered in my bathrobe, and he was like “I guess I came at the wrong time” so I put on some clothes before going out to the garden with him to talk about the amazing growth of all of our plants. He’s going to arrange to have the big tree outside my room that scrapes against the guttering cut down, which is a good thing. I was like “excuse the mess, we’ve been having arts and crafts days” but he didn’t comment on the paper mache stuff all over the dining room table. Tonight Kate is working on one of the mirrors she’d been storing in my room as well. Our house looks so arty. There’s still more mirrors left in my room though. They’re opposite my bed, so I feel kinda like a porn star.

My tummy hurts. Maybe I should take some more pills. But the thing is, they’re Claymore Pharmacy’s house brand. No Frills Ponstan. Scary scary. However, I won’t bitch about having my period, because it is actually a good thing. Kate said to me today that she was early, and since I was like 2.5 weeks late, we figured we must be getting nsync. I’ve never lived with a girl before. Well, Kelli & Celeste a year and a half ago, I guess, but I didn’t know their last names, let alone when their periods were. And before that, I wasn’t ever regular so I don’t know if I synced up with Momma, and Anji and Karen didn’t live at home for most of the time. So there you go.

Arrrrgh, back to my narrative. This early evening I curled up in front of pop music television to eat salted snacks and have a heater and a duvet. It was good. Yesterday, I got this in an email from Maree:
“Lets have a dinner party, just a cool one with people who are cool like me and you and flatties and shirley and kate and other people like that. Lets invite that guy and scare him into thinking we are a lesbian couple and now i want to kill him because you cheated on me with him! (i can do that you know) But dinner and lotsa wine and stuff, how cool! please say yes Jo, pleeeaaasssseee! ”
But then she rang and I told her that almost no one could make it, so we ammended it to a Supper Party. I had the brilliant idea of having Chocolate Fondue.

So Shirley came over around 9ish, and we waited and waited for Maree. Aroudn 9.30 she showed, and Kate begged her for some superglue. On the way to the supermarket, we swung by her house to get some. While we were in Foodtown, singing and dancing to Bananarama, her brother rang her, and she agreed to go pick him up and take him to town. This meant we had a big arguement about her lack of commitment to me at the checkout, while the chick looked on in horror. I refused to accept Maree’s money, claiming she was trying to pay me off. Half an hour later I found myself sitting on the floor in a backpackers in Mount Eden, with boys swilling speights. It was very scary, as was driving down Queen Street with them in the back seat being in awe of the tall buildings. Ahh Hamiltonites. I admit, I got all nostalgic when they were talking about the Outtie.

Eventually we made it home, and I prepared the fondue in all of its creamy chocolately alcoholy goodness. Mmmmmm. I suspect it is the other reason why my tummy is sore. Brad did amazing ninja styles things to get two bottles of wine open without a corkscrew. I’m impressed much. I have feathers in my hair and am wearing bright green eye shadow. But my belly hurts lots and lots so I might go make a hotwater bottle and go to bed. I’ve had fun. Maree – can I lick you? hehehehehehehee.

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