August 13, 2000

Sunday August 13th, 2000

I like this eye background, so I hope that y’all can continue to cope with it. And if you can’t, well. Oh well. Why do I always feel such a need to justify myself?

I’ve spent most of the day in bed groaning. Grrr cramps, grr girl stuff. Grr grr grr. I’m reading some book Shirley leant me that some woman wrote about her son who has schizophrenia. It’s mildly interesting. I wish I could unread “Miss Wyoming” so I could read it all over again. Kate and I watched an E! special on Miss America tonight. At least it looked less hideous than those child pagents. We stoppped long and hard to think about what we’d do in the talent section if we entered. I’d probably try my best to do stand up comedy, and she’d play a digareedoo or do a monologue. What would you do?

I haven’t done much work on my robot. Well, I have, mentally. I’ve chosen a colour scheme, and visualised the preloading graphics, and and and and that’s about it, actually. But I have until Thursday. After I get my car window replaced tomorrow, I might go into tech and work there. I have a meeting with my client at 4 anyways. Well, 4.30 the client is coming, so I’m meeting my group at 4 to approve each other’s work. Maybe I should have started our log book…. naaaaaaah.

Have I mentioned that if we have friends over and they answer our phone, they pick it up and say “Hi, Tanner Residence” ? I think I have, but I was probably drunk at the time. I am not drunk now. I was just thinking about telephones because once again, I am screening Kate’s calls for her.
Ring Ring
Hi, is Kate there please?
I’ll just go see if she’s home
(mouths)it’s a boy….
Kate: shakes her head no
I’m sorry she’s out right now, can I take a message?
It’s * again… can you ask her to please call me?
Of course I can. See you later, *
Hangs up.
Kate, call *.

She heated me up half a piece of lasange today, and I made her soup. I almost didn’t though, because she kept changing her mind about whether or not she wanted any. I got a trifle annoyed. We were lying in her bed before because it was cold, and all of a sudden, we found ourselves singing all the songs we learnt in primary school. It was very scary, to say the least.
“So we’ll drink to the French Revolution, drink to the new constitution, drink to the end of confusion, drink to the end of it all. So we’ll drink to the bells that are tolling, drink to the heads that are rolling, drink to the peasents now strolling out in a land that is free. ”
Is that the usual thing to teach nine year olds?
I rang Kini today to see how she was, but she wasn’t home, so her dad probably told her someone called Janna rang. Apparently I don’t say my own name very clearly. I rang Anji twice, and actually managed to get ahold of her the second time. So we had a good catch up, as you do when you haven’t talked to your big sister in ages, and she’s being a tart and not answering your emails.

Really, I did have a very boring day. Brad bought me the Sunday Star Times at lunchtime, which was good. Oooh, that’s what I have to do, yes. Man, it’s such a sadass tabloid. I sorted out my mp3s today, and made playlists – there’s “Girl Music”, “Boy Music” and “Groove” along with individual albums. Although, some of the boy music is more girly than girl, and vice versa. But that’s okay, I’m sure I can handle. And if I can’t, then that’s my damage. I am bored. Maybe I should go to bed. How conventional.

As with every red patch, I’ve been having really weird dreams lately. One night it was all about having sex with a couple of frat boy football jocks, which was more than a little disturbing. This morning I dreamt I was living with guys from high school that I hated. A couple of nights before that, I had a more vivid dream, which I will proceed to relate:

I was in my room, on my bed, and there was someone at my computer, but I don’t know who. Also on the bed was David Silver, from 90210. The older David though, not the little geek. Clayton came in and said he was taking Kara and her parents out to dinner, and where should he take her? I suggested Pizza Hutt. Many times. But he wasn’t too keen on that idea, so it was just as well that he had a little gaggle of fourth form friends with him who told him about some cheap Japanese restaurant which was also apparently really bad. Anyways, Clayton left, which was just as well, because I started tickling David, or he was tickling me, or something I don’t know. But anyways, we started snogging, and we were both wearing blue jeans, which is always sexy – legs in jeans tangled together is just cool. I think that maybe him and I had a history or something, because at one stage he was like “We shouldn’t be doing this, we’re just friends now” and I was like “you’re right” and then he kissed me again, and I bit his nipples.

Then David left, and Shirley came in. There was a slumber party going on in our lounge, I knew, so I asked her if she’d found a place to sleep. She hadn’t, so I told her that she was welcome to crash in my bed, but that as I was restless, I probably wouldn’t be sleeping for ages. And then I wandered into the lounge. Guests at our slumber party were: Brad and Kate, on a sofa in the corner, the luscious Olivia who was admittedly looking AWFUL in a big old sweater and tartan leggings (what WAS she thinking?), a girl I knew in high school called Narelle, and two guys I didn’t know, who were apparently friends of Brad’s. I was sitting on the sofa arm next to one of those friends, who was really realyl cute, and he started teasing me, and tugging on the strings of my hoodie. Then he got his friend to pull on the other one, so I was caught. I was like “you know, clothing companies in America encourage women to cut the strings off their hoodies so that muggers can’t use them for exactly this reason” but then I got pushed off the sofa, and was wrestling the cute guy on the floor, and was very happy to do it. I could see Kate M in the corner going “yeah, jo’s getting some” so I started laughing. But then Olivia went mad, running around the room yelling and stealing everyone’s duvets, and I woke, up. Odd.

Two of the freschias (that’s so spelt wrong) that we planted when we made our herb garden have bloomed. This makes me happy.

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