August 14, 2000

Monday August 14th, 2000

I may as well get the dream sequence out of the way, first of all, because really, that’s what seperates the men from the boys. Or the girls from the boys in this case. But because i’m feeling lazy, I will just paste in ICQ logs.

You have sent a message!
Okay, I will tell you about my dream. I was like, a guy doctor or something, and this woman came in, so I treated her but there wasn’t anything wrong with her. Her husabnd rang her on her cellie, and his name started with B – it was like Bowdyen or something – it showed up on caller ID. Anyways, I took the phone, and like the woman told me to, I told him that I’d had to amputate her arm.

You have received a message!
hmmmm there was no sex then… or anything to define you as a guy… you just were one…?

You have sent a message! but I think the husband knew I wasn’t serious. Anyways, the woman and i were in a double bed, so we started getting busy. Then we’d stopped and the husband came in and got in bed too, and I started getting busy with him, so the woman left. She came back and was like “I can’t really cope with this” and left again, so I told the man that we’d better stop, and he was like “okay, but give me something to suck on first” so he gave me a blowjob, and goddam it felt good.

When I told Brad and Clayton about my dream this evening, I also said “and now I want a penis”. Clayton said something about wanting to be a girl, so we were thinking about trading organs except neither of us is detachable. Okay, yes, I’m filth. I have a feeling that the dream was inspired by the fact that I’ve been listening to a song from “Boys Don’t Cry” lots lately, and also, it’s pretty obvious what the whole thing was a dream allusion to. Except that this time, it was me that was the skank in the middle. Ahh well, what goes around comes around I guess.

Crazy dreams aside, what else have I done today? Oh, once I finally got up, I went to the glass place to get my new car window fixed, but they said I should leave my car cos it’d probably take over an hour to fix it. I rang Kate to see if she could come pick me up, but of course, she wasn’t answering the phone (to her credit, you can’t really hear it ring from the back room) so instead I drove home, and begged her to come back with me. I even bought her $5 of petrol cos her car was completely empty and she had no money. So yes, went back to the glass place and dropped off my car, and then went home for 2 hours before they called to let me know it was done.

Kate dropped me off again, and I took my newly whole little Inco into town for a meeting with our client. Group Peter produced yet another photoshop image of a possible website, but nothing in HTML. However, Trevor had taken our collective ideas and made them work, and Aileen was suitably impressed. So that was cool. I texted Brad, and he came and met me for a ride home. I told him we could play a really fun game that Kate and I had planned tonight, but Kate was at work, so we didn’t. The fun game consists of the four of us drawing the name of a room (lounge, kitchen, dining, bathroom) out of a hat and cleaning said room. Our place is a pigstye. We really must finish our bear and clean up the arts and crafts. Clay did some dishes tonight, but half of them are still dirty – and so are half of the ones he washed, to be brutally honest.

I find myself getting increasingly addicted to 3rd Watch. I can justify this to myself though, because I never got into ER, or NYPD Blue, or Chicago Hope, or any other kinda show like that, so it’s about time that I did. I have to keep up and be “savvy”, you know. Ha, not only did I just use a word “ironically” but I also put in blink tags. Serves you right for using NS, really, doesn’t it?.

Tonight I designed the preloading sequence for my Flash roboty thing, and also coloured in the robot and made some buttons. I’ll spend the day at tech tomorrow, I think, where there’s less distractions (ie – bed) and where also there will be other people doing the same thing who can help me and chat to me. So, if you would like to keep me entertained tomorrow, please feel free to email me at my tech address – . Ta!

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