August 15, 2000

Tuesday August 15th, 2000

Goddam I had a fucking brilliant day today! It started around midnight, when I decided to give my front page a makeover, because that’s what you do when you should either be in bed or working on your flash robot. So yeah, it’s kinda cheesy now, but I love my stolen merchandise from The Grace.

I flapped around huge big vast amounts in the morning, hovering in indecision between my car or the bus, and losing my sunglasses because I believed that I’d had them in my hand when I’d actually left them in the car the day before, etc etc. So eventually, I got into town by bus just a little before 1, and I popped into Global Sandwich to see Kate Morrison. Then I went up to the 15th floor, as usual, to look for friends, before settling into the computer lab on the 13th floor, where I was to stay for the next six hours. Kate told me that she liked my dress. So did Trudie. Andrea said my hair looked good. I was happy.

My robot’s going okay now. It opens its mouth wider and waves its arms as animation. I was absolutely stoked when a girl in the room showed me how to make buttons work. Silly me – I was trying to change frame properties instead of instance properties. It’s pretty ugly, but hey. Another girl in the lab’s presenter was Lara Croft in a bikini. Not a pretty site. Or Sight even. Jody introduced me to the Scene window, and that made life so much easier. In exchange, I introduced her to the “insert new scene” and “copy and paste frames”. Amatuers. I will stop talking about Flash now.

Shirley was sending me emails from upstairs sounding not very happy, so I ran up to see her, but she actually had class, so I didn’t get to talk to her. But I did see Trudie then though, so that was cool. I also went out to Global Sandwich later, bumping into Popular Kate on the way so I told her of our Thursday Plans, and she’ll probably meet us for karaoke, hopefully. At Global, I found Justin hanging out with Kate M, but I didn’t find anything I wanted to eat, so I naughtily went and got a sandwich from Village Force, and ate it inside Global. Mmmmm sandwich on swirl bread. Jeremy and Helen came in then too, so my break to “run down to the machine on the eighth floor” got stretched out into a half hour gossip session. But I needed it. Then it was back to the hard slog on the robot.

Walking up Symonds Street to my bus, I caught a glimpse of the moon. It was full, and hung low and yellow in the sky, and it made me gasp it was so pretty.

When I got home, it was just gone 6.30, and I discovered that not only had Brad tidied up our arts and crafts, he’d also cleaned up our shithole of a kitchen. So that was absolutely lovely. He even helped me cook dinner then – African Chicken with a lot more potato than chicken, as you do when one is $13 a kilo and the other is $.60. Clayton came home just as dinner was bubbling on the stove, and Kate had been parked out in front of the heater & tv since 5, apparently, so we had a lovely flat dinner together, watching Survivor. We decided that we’d do our own Survivor thing. There’s now a list of our names on the whiteboard, with little tallies and reasons why we’re being voted off. So far Brad has a tally mark for going out to Kate’s, Maree has a tally mark for not being seen the past couple of days, and Justin has a tally mark for not wanting to take part in the tallies at all. Justin came around to be funny with Brad after Survivor.

Kate and I were bored, so for some reason, she put on “The Ultimate Party Collection” cd that she owns, and we started dancing to really really bad cheesy hideous music. It was so much fun! But the cd player in the lounge was crapping out on us, so we went to my room instead, which meant Kate could scream at her own reflection – heh. At one stage, we took turns calling out dance styles to follow – “trance!” “charleston!” “happy hardcore!” “clayton!” “saved by the bell prom”. It was great. So we danced for like an hour, which not only filled in time, but got our heart rates going, and probably even counts as exercise. Then we watched Havoc, which I’m sure used to be much funnier. It was interesting though, they had their little conspiracies man on again, and he was ranting against PR companies, and PR would have been my second choice for a major, and it’ll probably be Kate’s second choice too. But oh yeah, he was talking about the PR campaign that got the Gulf War going, and we all already knew about that, so I guess a media degree does come in handy sometimes after all.

Brad went to Kate’s then, and received his tally mark. Kate, Clay Justin and I rallied and played 500. Justin and I won the first time round, and the second time we called it a draw because everyone wanted to go to bed. Kate has this thing for called Nazier, which I remember her doing in high school as well. It’s just not in my nature to set out to lose! My god the puns were flying thick and fast tonight. Scary scary.

“Mark your calendar or Palm V. You can expect to die on: January 15, 2046 at the age of 65 years old.”


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