“come on and lick me out”

I was sitting on the bus today, and I finally realised what I needed to do to get my preloader to work – put in a background – and so when i got to tech I did that, and it worked. And that was good. And then I showed Andrea how to do the HTML scripting to predetermine flash etc and stuff, so I felt real proud. In class we ftp’d it up onto the AUT site, and then we were done. YAY! Karen and Andrea took off to the London bar, while I went up to the radio suite to wait for the kids up there to get their shit together, and we made it in time for happy hour.

So that was cool, and cellphones are definately handy. Three drinks later, we went to Pizza Pizza. THEY SOLD WINE BY THE LITRE!!!!!! We got a litre of red and I texted kini to tell her that I was faking Sydney. I never played Foozeball in Sydney though. We used to play it all the time in first year at Pizza Pizza, but never since then. Nevertheless, Jeremy and I managed to kick ass. Andrea wasn’t in Tutorial D first year, unlike everyone else, but I’m still really glad she came along. Who was there? Umm. At London Bar, it was Andrea me and Karen all celebrating handing in our Flash, and Jeremy who is doing multimedia, but not mmb, and ahhh Peter and Kate M and Clay showed up as did Trudie. And then Clay went to get Kara, and Nigel came along. And Clay and Kara came back. So that was all cool. I canvassed opinions on the end of year dinner that Maree and I are organising.

Can I just say how fucking cool Maree is? She gave me this huge big career counsellor speech last nigth when she came over and found me sitting on my bed going “AAAAAAARTGFHHHHHHHHHH” in sheer terror at the world around me and the past and fuck yeah, she’s just rocking. So anyways, we’re going to organise a dinner for 3rd years only. It’s somethign like eight weeks until it’s all over. BVut I guess that’s good because that so throws me out of my comfort zone, and that’s when i do best, when i’m out of my comfort zone. Apart from like yeah, but that doesn’t count. I realsiedthe other day that I don’t go out all that much – people come here because this house is so cool and we’re all so cool. And while that’s good, it also means that I’m never put in new situations, so I don’t face new challenges or meet new people, and that sucks because i think I need contstant new stugff jsut to keep me running smoothly. I like new experiances.

But Karaoke. Jugs were $4, which was good. Justin said I had nice jugs when I asked him to get the next round. I spilt beer all over myself. Kara, Kate M, Andrea and I sang “Like a Prayer”. There was like no one in the bar at first, which was choiiice. Well, there were a ocuple of hidi people. And the barman’s mother, who Kate M dueted with. Niiiiice Kate. We danced for people. Justin and Peter did a stirring Frank Sinatra rendition. All the boys did a nice Brittany. Kate M and I did Christina. OoohooooHhoh. Clayton and i had a dance together, flashbacking to our glorious victory the last time we were at the Hub. He’s fun. We weren’t very co ordinated though. Peter made me get up to dance to ‘Balimos’ even though Brad wasn’t there. Kate M did the COME ON TIQUERO bit with me. Popular Kate did a stunning solo number. What was the song? I can’t remember. But it was fantastic.

Clayton and Kara went off to something else very early on. Popular Kate was on duty at the hostel for most of the time so she had to leave and took Justin with her. Later, Andrea Jeremy and Kate M all went off to the Link together. I figured I would stay to keep Peter company since he had to wait 90 minutes until his next bus. But then we went to investigate the mysterious mezzanine over the bar, but when we found out it wasn’t actually a mezzanine I decided I was bored, so it was off to the Otara bus for me.

Came home, and fed Tahallulah dry bread and water. I feel so awful for her. I hope Kate never has kids. And my head hurts now. I want some pills. I want some sleep. I hope when I get to bed that I won’t be thinking. I was going to sleep with Kate B last night, cos we were in her bed talking anyways, but then she was going to leave her stereo on, and she’s a huge big duvet hog. I’m still having very vivid disturbing dreams though.

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