August 18, 2000

Friday August 18th, 2000

My pick for a stunning video for you all to watch and enjoy? “The Princess Academy”. It’s amazing. Kate told us to get it, so we did, and wow! It had everything and more that you could possibly want in a movie. An animation beginning sequence, ala “The Nanny”. Stereotypical accented girls. Unpacking montages. Girls prancing around in fluffy underwear all the time. Practical jokes and pranks. Faked orgasms. Eva Garbor. AND A TANK! Rent it. Rent it now. Even without the movie attached, the tape would be worth the $3 for the preview of “Legends of Boggy Creek II”.

We also got “Friday the 13th Part III” which is shot in 3D. We didn’t have 3D glasses though. Also, the tape’s shitty, so the sound kept cutting out like gangsta rap on 91ZM, so we only watched the first fifteen minutes of it. We’ve liked Friday the 13th movies in our flat before. I especially liked getting to laugh at the boys screaming. Heh.

Clayton came home late, and I dunno why, but we were both in a really frisky mood, so we spent ages running after each other doing tickling attacks. I had a disadvantage cos I was in socks and I kept slipping on the wooden floors. However, I squeal better. He’s the only one of the core Gang who doesn’t have two votes against him. We decided it was first to 10 who gets voted off the Island. We also decided that we’ll include Lurker and Simon and Thomas as having been voted off, for assorted reasons, although technically, Lurker was the only one asked to leave. But it makes for better television that way. I should probably go to bed now, because I imagine that Brad’s loud friend is coming over in the morning. I told Brad to ask him to bring me popcorn chicken, since he lives in Balmoral. Sure I can eat KFC at 9am!

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