August 20, 2000

Sunday August 20th, 2000

Brad keeps coming into my room to ask me odd questions like “what are the names of all of Greg Johnson’s albums?” and “did Dover Samuels really go to jail for stealing a pillow?”. He’s writing his radio scripts. I was bitching to him about how Kate has stolen my silver eyeshadow and went i went to her room to find it I couldn’t but I did find my lilac eyeshadow which I didn’t even realise she had. That’s when i realised that I was playing his Travis cd, which I had ‘borrowed’ from him. Oops. Oh well.

Today’s been another pajama day. I like it like that. Kate was supposed to make me breakfast, because well, actually I’m not sure why, but somehow she twisted it around so that if she got the milk and the sunday paper, I would make HER breakfast. I made pikelets. They were funny shaped. Maybe we DO need the amazing egg-apart after all. Clayton came home from his early morning adventures just when we were all sitting down to lunch, so that was lovely to be a foursome again. Kate chose to use the time to bring up things I’d told her that the boys didn’t nessecarily need to know. It was very amusing. Before Clay showed up, Brad and I had plotted what to get him for his 21st (which is on Tuesday, if you know him/want to send him stuff). We’re thinking Waffle Iron, Midori, some soft ropes, massage oil and maybe a book of sex tips. Not that we take personal jokes too far or anything.

Speaking of personal jokes, I wrote a new Creedwatch today to read out on Wednesday, but I’ll save that for later. Clayton got up at like 4am today to go to film the kids breakfast show on bFM for his documentary. He borrowed my car. I hope he filled the tank and didn’t just put like $5 in, but somehow I doubt that. I was just about still awake at 4, because of that fucking tree scraping against the guttering. Kate and I decided yesterday that when we grow up, we’re going to be mad old ladies who shun all human contact and just have a lot of cats. Well, I decided that anyways, I think she was just smiling and nodding. Tom told me today that lions can remove a person’s skin using just their tongue, and that scares me so I will change the subject very rapidly.

Kate M came around today and gave me pringles, then announced that I had been murdered. She then proceeeded to film a piece to camera for her radio&tv journalism class describing how my killer had been lying in wait beside our gate for me to put out the rubbish, then dragged me by my hair to the tree on our front lawn and stabbed me 30 times. I find that just a little disturbing. I might borrow the tape off her and digitise the footage so you can see what I mean.

I watched “Breakfast at Tiffanys” this evening. It was quite different from when I watched it when I was 12 – I understood it more. I think back then I did know she was a prostitute – I’m not sure though – but I didn’t realise he basically was too. So there. I dunno how that’s relevant to anything, but I’m sure it is.

I’m annoyed cos one of my friends may potentially have HUGE news, but she didn’t call me back tonight. Bitch. I should text her, but I guess she’ll be in bed now. Why do all normal people go to bed before midnight? And how do I recondition myself back to that state?

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