August 20, 2000

Sunday August 20th, 2000

I just wrote a spiel about my crazyass dream sequence but then I went to plug in my cellie and accidently knocked the cord out of the back of my computer, so that disappeared. But I’ll write it out again, because even if you don’t care about my dreams, I do, and I know I’ll never get around to recording it elsewhere.

I got a call from a police officer, who said they’d heard that I’d been having sex with people in exchange for drugs, and they needed to do tests on said drugs. I said that yes, that was true, but I had since flushed all the drugs down the toilet. Kate B’s mother was there, and was all stressed out, it was very bizzare. Then I was talking to my friend who I was trying to get ahold of yesterday, to hear if she did or did not have exciting news for me, but it was sort of lukewarm. THEN, I found myself in Sydney, on some sort of school trip. Girls I hated in high school were there, as was a lass named Jill that I used to be friends with, who’s from Paeroa. I was wearing the green dress I always used to wear out clubbing in Tokyo. And a couple of skirts. And weirdass nylon pantaloons, which were going to come in handy as we were going skiing. Yes, that’s right, in the middle of Sydney was a cable car going up a mountain. Go figure.

I was sitting at the table this morning, eating cornflakes and reading junkmail/the herald which are basically the same only junk mail is more interesting, when I saw that waffle irons were half price at Briscoes. I texted Brad to confirm, then set off to Mt Wellington to get Clayton his birthday pressie. I love the carpark at the Harvery Norman Super Centre. It’s so vast, and always so empty. It’s like the magical wonderland of car parks. I got the waffle iron for Clayton, and then, as there was such a big sale on, I had a look at bed linen. Okay, so I’m addicted. I bought a single duvet cover because I haven’t had a new single since like 6th form, and I do use a single duvet in summer, and also on top in winter. So it was like, nessecary. And only $20.

When I got home, Tom and I decided that it’s probably about time that we announced our engagement. I mean, where else will I find a man who’s willing to wear a powder blue tux, and who wants “Viva Forever” played at the wedding and “Oops I did it again” played at the divorce party? We’re going to honeymoon in Bora bora, which possibley won’t be as nice as honeymooning at The Grace with Kini would have been. But these are sacrifices I can handle making.

THEN! My friend rang, and OH MY GOD! WOW! I was very very very excited for her . Quite shocked too.

Brad cooked dinner in the evening, which was nice, cos he cooked stir fry veges. But then Kate M showed up with her dinner in a brown paper bag, and I almost died when I saw she had CHINESE FOOD IN A WHITE CARDBOARD UPRIGHT CARTON. That’s like having keg beer in a red plastic cup. I was sooo jealous, we’re so going to Otto Woo’s real soon. But tomorrow night we’re going to Denny’s for Clayton’s birthday. He wants his free food. Oh dear, I do believe his mother is going to call for him tomorrow morning, and she’ll be mad because he won’t be home, and she doesn’t like me. So I’ll just make sure that Brad answers.

Kate B and I had a big discussion tonight following the ads for Survivor “I find it uncomfortable sitting next to a naked gay man”. She wanted me to say that I’d be embarrassed if she walked around the house naked all the time and my friends came over. I told her that my friends would probably be able to handle it, and if they couldn’t, she was the naked one not me, anyways. She likes to test me. We have a shitload of hypothetical conversations.

You might have noticed that I changed my journal index page. I like this, it’s kinda clean and sterile like my main page, with a simple image from my box of treasures. I think one day I really must make a memory circle like I think Annette used to have, with an inventory of all the stuff in my shoebox.

Oh! And Si says he’s coming up for Clay’s 21st, and this makes me very very very happy. I miss my little si baby like mad.

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