Wednesday September 6th, 2000

Maree! What are you doing? You admitted yourself today that it’s lame of you to be reading my journal when you live just around the corner. Turn off that goddam computer and come on over, honey.

I have a headache right now, but I’m sure I will cope with that. I’m reading the sequel to Bridget Jones’s diary, and I can feel it leeching away my brain cells, but it’s nice to read entertaining junk sometimes. Books that are too good make me feel all wistful and bad cos I could never write that well. But an angsty whiney journal all about boys and shambles of a life? I might give that a go someday, eh.

Today at tech was goodish. Our group got to go first with Mansfield, which meant that I DIDN’T have to waste 2 hours sitting there waiting for him. We divided up our content, and it’s all already in .doc format, so that’ll be easy enough to convert through. I had a good talk to Shirley after class, and then headed home. Shirley said Brad and I were both too stubborn for our own good – it turns out the chair story had preceeded me to class.

John put $5 of petrol in my car (which is about a half a litre right now) in exchange for me dropping him and Kate in town, so I did that then. Once I’d come home for a second time, I wrote myself a list of things I need to do. It goes a little something like this:
NSCC – convert and format, logbook
MMB – videos at tech
I.D Project – review material properly
Tidy room
Finish bear
Clean out anteroom
find pressies 4 randall & justin
email Beth
email Anji
start momma’s site
food shopping
pay phone bill(s)
pay Herald bill
take car to garage
See Hi Fidelity/American Psycho

Did that list move you? I certainly hope so! Maree showed up while I was watching 90210, and we decided we’re definately going to go with the vineyard plan for the end of the year dinner. So, tomorrow she’s going to smooze AUSM and the Com department for funding. I feel bad that she’s doing what seems to be all the work, but I’ll be doing all the invites and flyers etc. She schmooze, I geek, and we both fulfill our majors properly. I found out today that we (being the multimedia students) probably are going on a field trip to a cd pressing plant. WahoO! Brad’s interning with IRN for the radio major, and Shirley’s writing for Metro for Journalism, but hey, I’m going to a factory in Grey Lyn! Take that!

! I used a lot of exclamation marks in that last paragraph, so there’s one more for you. My headache is catching up with me. Around 10pm tonight, I went to the restaurant where Kate works to pick her up, as she is still carkeyless (her car was delivered back to our house by AA truck the other day). Brad came too, and we figured out my six degrees of seperation from Kevin Bacon. Once we had that, him and Clayton were obviously seven degrees away, but as it turns out, they can actually be one step closer than me, so in a sense, I could just be connected through them instead. It’s such a tangled sordid web we weave. And once Kate was done with work, we gossiped about Clayton, and Kate and I decided to hold out on any more information. You see, it turns out Brad is just as nosey as the rest of us, but he doesn’t do his own research. So we’re going to withhold unless he has something to bring to the discussion table. Well, we’re going to try to anyways. Like we could ever stop gossiping.

I’m tied with Kate on seven votes each now. Fucking Maree narked on me for having an alliance, and so she voted for me (brad had immunity from winning the chair thing). Naturally I voted for Maree for narking on me. Justin’s winning now. Although he doesn’t reaaaaaallly count. He doesn’t even have a full-house character assigned to him, for gods sake, so he can’t really be part of the team.

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