Thursday September 7th, 2000

I keep getting referals from but there’s no link to me from there, so if like, that’s your homepage or something, could you email me and tell me? Thank you. I like to know who’s out there.

I went into tech an hour early today, to help Trudie with the webpage she was doing for some journalism class. She said that none of it was working, but I discovered that her problem was she left out the http:// on her external links. Thanks Dreamweaver! After that I had some spare time, so I hung out in the radio suite as usual, assembling my sunday star times entries. One of them is “Brave” because back in First Year my writing teacher told me to take it somewhere else. It’s short, but I spent a lot of time on it, so that every word is supposed to matter. Etc etc. I wanna be a better writer. Now there’s an original sentiment!

But anyways. Instructional Design was a great big waste of fucking time. Actually, I emailed Beth and Anji during it, so there’s two things off my list of things to do. Karin Nick and I ran out at the end of class despite the fact that MMB starts straight afterwards to have some pained screams in the corridor. It is SOOOOOOOOO boring. AAAAAAAARGFHHGHH! We’re supposed to be using Designer’s Edge to map out the way we’re going to build a piece of software to teach people to use the AUT phone system. It’s heinous, so running away was very important. None of us smoke, but I think we all wished we did, just to have a real excuse to get away. Karin told me that my flat sounds like a game show when I was explaining the survivor immunity challenge system to her. I said that we certainly try to make it that way.

MMB put me in a really bad mood, trying to do codecs that I just couldn’t get. We have this footage, you see, in an AVI, and we have to convert it into 18 different forms. My footage is that ripples ad, where the whole town starts to wobble. It has to be turned into quicktime, real player and windows media player format, and for three different bandwidths and two different sizes. I kept fucking up. I think. Well, the wmp was okay, but Quicktime was being a cunt. I’m going to go in again tomorrow when hopefully I won’t have a headache, so I won’t have to keep asking Karin and Andrea dumb questions. So yeah, I had a heinous headache, and it started pouring on me on the way home, and everyone was out except me, so I was in a bit of a bad mood. I mean, I quite like being alone on Wednesdays, cos then I can watch all this really bad TV without any feelings of remorse, but there is NOTHING on Thursdays. So I called my friend that I’m worried about, and that was a little better. And then I called Maree, and that was cool too. She was funny in that she said exactly the same thing I’d said. And then Clayton came home, an I was very yay.

Clay’d been out drinking at the Classic as part of some coporate video seminar he’s doing this weekend, so I was like “cool, want to drink some more iwth me?” and of course he was up for that. He got on the phone while I was making up a shaker, and so I took shot glasses and went and sat in the hallway with him. After he got off the phone, we decided that actually, our hall is pretty damn styley, lit only by the outside light, and with its nice wooden floor and all, so I fetched zabuton (japanese floor pillows) and a candle, and we finished that shaker. Then he went to heat up his eastern curry, and I made another shaker, when Kate Morrison came knocking on the door. Brad followed shortly behind her from work, and we all sat back down in the hallway. He brought home a box of Roses Chocolate left over from some promotional shenanigan, which was fantastic, cos I’m premsing real bad. So we had more shakers, and really good chats, and made pretty artworks out of roses wrappers. And then Clayton played Balimos, so we got up to dance, and after a verse or two we dragged Kate M and Brad up too. Which meant it was all on, as usual. God bless our classic dance songs. There was a bit of a kafuffle over too literal an interpretation of “you gotta rub me the right way” but we’re good enough friends to get over that. Clayt was so drunk he could hardly stand by that stage anyways, so he’s forgiven. It was very amusing. I love dancing in our hallway. We called it a night after Let Me Entertain You. Ayyeeeeeeeee robbie! I finally saw the whole of the video for “Rock DJ” last night, and I almost shit myself laughing. Very nice.

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