Saturday September 9th, 2000

So shall we go with another present tense narrative? Why not? Susan O’Rourke says that they add to the tension and empathy with a situation. Or something like that anyways, so bear with me okay. But not Slut Bear, all paper machie all laid out on our dining room table and going no where.

I slept until 4pm today and was disgusted with myself, aside from waking up at 8am to feed a mewing cat. I had crazy ass dreams, as you do, all about leaving all my possesions – old stuffed animals in old houses as we moved out. Kinda horrid actually. But sleeping that late was nice. FUCK I’m hungry, I so want some pringles. But I think that’s stepping out of the narrative. Oh, drinking game that we played last night was Sexual Connotations, where it’s like clap clap your action clap clap someone else’s action then clap clap they do their action clap clap someone else’s action. If you know what I mean. My action, thanks to Kate B, was a nipple rub, but it was funny to note that when the guys did it, they mimed grabbing a handful, instead of a nice circular rub, which is pretty telling really. Fucking email dot com, give me my email you bastard.

I didn’t think that I was going to go out tonight. I sort of sat around in my pajamas all afternoon and most of the evening too, although I did have a shower and shave my legs and then put my pjs back on. But I put some semblense of clothing on to go get chinese (new kids on the block had a bunch of hits, chinese food makes me sick) and then we were watching a Jem Video. Kate M showed up wearing really hot pseudo leather pants, and we sang the closing song together, and all of a sudden I was energized, and I decided like I did actually want to go out, like I’d promised Kini anyways, so we went off to Brad’s work and I bought vodka, and then the supermarket for mixers and red bull. And I did some spectacular eye makeup on myself, all dark blue with bright blue linings. Well, I thought it looked good anyways. DAMMIT I want my fucking email. Fuck you. Grr. Maybe I should start paying for the internet so I can use an actual pop server. Or maybe not.

Brad finally came home from work but w as too tired to come out, so Kate B dropped off me and Clay and Kate M in town. We found Ces and Bex loitering around on High Street, claiming to be sobering up, but the glasses in their hands claimed otherwise. Tech people were spilling out of the Elbow Room, because apparently Randall hadn’t booked it exclusively, so we were sitting at little tables down some alley outside, and it was quite cold, but hey, that’s life innit? I wrote some comment in Randy’s book about how Limp Bizkit are lip bitingly good. Apparently, you can tell a girl is coming when she bites her lip. W ell, that’s a famous randy quote anyways, and so I’ve always hassled him about it although I don’t know if he knows that it’s a famous quote. But oh well. Nigel was so very very drunk, it was hilarious, because he used to be so straight edge, and told me off soundly at my 18th birthday party, and I’m still bitter about it two years later. But yeah, apparently everyone was after hayley, and wanting to score hayley. Something aboyut her and nigel barricaded in a bathroom stall, but later the big scandel was her snogging some ugly guy. I’m not entierely sure what was going on, the radio majors are a fairly tight group.

I was talking to Jarrod, who turned to me and was like “Actually, I don’t know your name” and I was really offended for a minute, and was like “you’ve been to how many parties at my house? I lusted for your friend! I scored one of your friends when I was fifteen and you don’t know my name???” Then he proceeded to tell me that he was really scared of me, because apparnetly last weekend at Clayton’s I’d told him off for not smiling. I blushed a lit, I really don’t remember doing that, and so I apologised profusely. Fuck you email dot com. Grr. Sorry, I know I keep going on about that, but it’s fucking annoying dot com. Did I mention my hair is looking really good tonight though?

actually I can’t be assed writing anymore. but there wasa a story or two to tell. I will go look for my without you I’m nothing cd cos I have such a cravign for it, and hopefuilly it will be fine.

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