Wednesday 20th September, 2000

I think I’m getting RSI, which is never a good thing for a girl who has much computer work to do before the end of the year. Oh yeah, and then at the end of the year is hopefully going into some computer related job. I think I really must find myself a better chair, so that at least I don’t have to raise my arms up to type all the time.

Annette said she thought she maybe overheard some people talking about me on a bus she was riding today, but we figure they were talking about a different Jo, because my associates aren’t doing Mass Comm this semester. Shame really, I’d love to be that notorious. Or have it be that coincidental. Other people’s conversations are always so fascinating until you realise that actually no, they’re really boring and so are the lives of the people you’re eavesdropping on. Kinda a bit like journals maybe.

Where’s my point at? I don’t know. I think I only decided to write an entry tonight because I felt like the Internet really needed some more content. Only of course, because I have little to say, I am delivering crap content. I’m letting the whole system down, and I’m really sorry. This wouldn’t have happened if fucking TV3 hadn’t taken Buffy off to play the goddam cricket. I mean, who cares, a bunch of people running around in a field after some ball. There are vampires that need to be slain, people! She’s trying to save the world and a little help would not go astray.

Survivor Party last night was very cool indeed. And MAN, was it a good episode! Unlike Justine, I won’t talk about who won, because my readers in Kazakistan might not know yet, but wow, brilliant last episode, oh the drama! Clayton brought home a video camera too, and so we made a mini documentary on it. And then just got silly. It’s funny though how comfortable all communication students are in front of the camera after three years.

I can’t sleep, again. It’s getting ridiculous because I have nothing to read so I have to get up and go and watch late night tv like “Telly Laughs” instead. And that’s never a good thing. The other night I went through a stack of horrendous cds that Courtney left behind after the party, marking cheesy pop tracks I wanted to tape with orange postit notes. That’s right, tape. Not mp3. I’m being retro. Mp3s are cool and all, but they just don’t seem to have any soul. Maybe that’s more to do with the quality of my computer speakers, and the fact that I’m generally by myself if I’m at my computer but generally not alone if I’m listening to tapes or cds. In fact, I’m sure that’s what it is. Oh well.

The Student Association is giving me and Maree $560. Well, actually they’re hiring us two buses – one each, for our third year dinner we’re organising. I put notices about it in everyone’s pigeon holes today, exciting stuff.

I’m disturbed at how interesting I’m finding a webpage on urban legends at Disneyland. I guess the fact that Popular Kate will be working there this summer makes it slightly more relevant to me. She’s read us bits of the handbook they’re given, including their superstrict dress code, and also told us how the janitors have to clean up “protein spills”. (that’s vomit, not cum, Tom!) Did I spell protein right? I’ve always had a fascination with Disneyland, although not Tokyo Disneyland as I used to go there a couple of times a year when I lived in Tokyo, so I guess it lost its magic a little. One of my very first memories is of when I was one, and we were on our way to Germany via LA. We were at Disneyland, and my sisters wouldn’t let me go up into the Tom Sawyer treehutt because they didn’t want to have to look after me. They’ll deny this, but it’s true. Before we moved to Tokyo, I used to obsess over the Disneyland pamphlets we had in scrap books from LA. It just seemed like the coolest place in the whole wide world. O think I’d be scared to go back though, because nothing would be sadder than being bored by Disneyland. I hate Disney movies, but the Magic Kingdom is something else indeed.

Apparently “we” are not doing too well at the Olympics. I don’t feel let down, however, because I know I’ve done nothing to support the athletes, so they owe me nothing. I’m just glad that our channel one coverage is so crap that the boys aren’t too tempted to watch it too often. Oh, the thing that DOES piss me off though are Serena Williams’ s comments about how she had to take time out of her busy scheduale to play tennis for the US at the Olympics. I mean, sure maybe it doesn’t pay as much as her regular gigs, but aren’t the Olympics considered to be the pinacle for any athlete? And for that matter, I thought the Olympics were for non-proffesionals only anyways. Or maybe that rule’s changed. I don’t pretend to know what the fuck I’m rabbiting on about anymore.

Don’t forget to send me stuff for enList. Honestly, chose a file at random from your hard-drive and email that over. Ta. There’s like a hundred of you who read daily, give a little back eh?

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