Friday 29th of September, 2000

However, if you look at the file name of this page, you’ll see it’s the 28th. Wacky! Well yeah. Yesterday I did fire up notepad, and delete all the text from a previous entry and save it as the 28th, but by then, I was bored and iddn’t bother writign anything.

Top Five Celebrities in no discernable order
John Cusack (I saw High Fidelity last night)
Pacey (tonight’s episode of the Creek looks particularly juicy and gruelling
Geri Halliwell (the Spice Girls were on Egos and Icons the other night)
Robbie Williams (isn’t that self explanatory really?)
I can’t think of anyone else.

Lists are always fun.

I went around to the Bentons’ house last night just to pop in and say hi, and to see if there was anything they wanted me to take up to Kate when I go back to Auckland. As usual, they were delighted to see me (surrogate daughter). Tim wanted me to go see X-Men with him, but I declined. If I had more time in Welly, I might, but it was appearing that I’d only be able to go with him on a friday night, and there’s something not quite right about going to the movies with your best friend’s dad on a friday night. Barb asked me if i was going to take some time off after I graduate before finding a job, and so I told her I couldn’t afford it. She was like “go and see your grandmother then” and I had to tell her that I was already planning on doing that.

And so today I did, dragging my ass outta bed at some ungodly hour to make the trip up to Kapiti. Why is it that whenever I plan a drive, the weather decides to piss on me? I think it does it on purpose, knowing there’s no sound I hate more than the squeak of my windscreen wipers. Oma took me to a Thai restaurant, which was pretty crappy, but then again, I’m suprised that there’s actually anywhere that serves food with spice in Paraparaumu, retirement capital of the Greater Wellington Region. We were the only ones in the place, which is luck, cos it’s always amusing trying to interpret between someone who speaks predominantly Dutch who is deaf with little English, and someone who speaks predominantly Thai with little English as to the finer details of the menu.

Filler time! Random ICQ loggings.

Me:did you know that you have never ever emailed me not even once in your life?
Them:i’m sure i have.
Me:nope, never ever, even after I gave you an email addy and all
Them:i did write that thing for your page about how great you were after you gave me the email and i’ve emailed your guestbook and grudgebook and stick art
Me:yes, but you’ve never emailed ME…’s like if we were dating, you’d be coming around giving my kids candy and taking them to ball games and stuff, but then all you’d do with me would be sit on my sofa and drink beer
Them:it’s nothing like that! it’s like if we were dating, and i never wrote you a letter cause i talked to you like every second day at least
Me:no way man, it’s like we’ve been married 20 years and squeeze each other’s pimples and everything, but you never bring me flowers anymore
Them:it’s not at all like that! it’s like we had an illicit affair that turned into a legitimate relationship, and nowhere along the way did i put petrol in your car totally irrelevant detail
Me:it is SO like that – my version, not yours
Them:your version is crap if only for the simple reason that if email were flowers, i never brought you flowers, ever
But then we started talking about Paul Hogan, so no one ever won the argument.

That was very easy filler to provide, and while cutting and pasting all that, I remembered the other htings I wanted to write about today. Over lunch today, when she wasn’t asking me why I didn’t have a nice boyfriend (“because boys are dumb, oma!”) Oma told me that back in the day, my father had learnt the Dutch for “may I please marry your daughter?” and had asked her over the phone before him and Mum got engaged. Awwww, how sweetly romantic! She also told me that back when Mum was a teenager, and Oma and Opa were moving to Australia, Mum threatened to commit suicide if she was made to go with them, and Opa was so worried he bought her and Diz a house to live in so they could stay in NZ. When I think about the arguements I had with Mum when we moved to Japan, I just feel like screaming “Hello pot… this is the kettle…” but it was still very interesting. Oma’s cool. It’s just a little wearisome being by myself with her and havign to make smiley conversation non-stop.

For the first time EVER since it was moved back to Friday nights, I will not be watching Dawson’s Creek while it is live to air – it will be taped for me instead. This works out for the best, because otherwise Id’ have to put up with Neil’s dumbass comments all the way through it, which would have fucked me off no end. Besides, I have a hot dinner date. I’m supposed to take dessert, but i might just take wine as well.

I finally managed to track down Si today, but he’s in Waikanae, which I wish I’d known BEFORE I got back from Oma’s. Ahh well. Arrrrgh, my stats tell me someone found my page by searching for “Give Me Hope Joanna Lyrics” – all my childhood traumas come rushing back. “I don’t have dope! I don’t do drugs! I’m a good girl!”

I’d just like to add that Bonds boyleg knickers are fantastically comfortable and are wonderfully wedgy free.

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