Saturday 30th of September, 2000

If I update right now, maybe I’ll get listed on Updatefu dot com finally. I should be in the top twenty, dammit.

I should also be on my way to Auckland right now, but I’m not because I couldn’t be assed. I wanted to sleep in some more, after staying up too late watching very amusing movies about zombies. I told Annette over ICQ about it so she watched it too, and I don’t think she appreciated it very much.

I hope this means I get to hang with Simon today. Or something. If someone wants to airlift me and my car up to Auckland, that’d be cool, but I really don’t feel like driving. Or maybe someone wants to come with me? Kini made me promise not to pick up more hitchhikers, but if you’re off the Internet, you’re obviously not a serial killer…. And having you in my car would count as a public place. I was actually thinking the other day about whether or not I’ve met people i met on the net in public. The first time I met Si was when he came to my house, but that was because Amy had brought him over, and he carried ym mother’s shopping up the steps for her. I met this guy Mike when him and his friend came over drunk one night when I was living in Mount Roskill, and probably one or two other people like that, but for the most part, I meet people in cafes. Not that I meet many people off the net these days, but there you go anyways, just some random waffling.

Okay, this surely counts as an entry, which surely gets me some clicks.

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