Sunday October 8th, 2000

Because I’m too lazy to get up and find my remote control, I’m listening to “talkback” (or “ring up bomber and have him force his opinions on you because you’re only young anyways and don’t really think for yourself”) and he just said that only 45% of Americans plan to vote in the next election. That’s just fucked, eh. I was SO excited when I finally got to vote. Thank god for MMP, because actually if I lived in America, I don’t know who I’d vote for. Gore or Nadar I guess. I think too much – I shouldn’t be worrying about who I’d vote for IF I lived in another country.

I slept really crap last night – I was all hot, and also the cat molested me. However, when i got up today I felt great, so that was good. I even managed to sleep through some of Justin and Brad being funny. Clayton made waffles for brunch, with carmelised sauce and strawberries and bananas, and it was lovely. Mmmmmmmmm. Kate Benton wasn’t there, but Kara was, and Justin too, so there were five of us. And I got hassled a lot less than usual, which was nice too.

I didn’t do anything for the rest of the day, except for boogie with Clayton in his room to ‘Groovejet’ by Spiller – I really dig it. Maree came around just as I was about to eat my dinner for our meeting, and then Karen rang so I told her I was in a meeting and would have to call her back. Anyways, Maree and I have finalised ticket prices for our dinner at $30, decided where to get our DJ from, and are putting out the awards nominations forms tomorrow. We’re onto it. Or rather, she’s onto it, and I smile and nod. Oh, and I even met James, her former imaginary boyfriend, although I’ll deny it if the oppotunity ever comes up.

This talkback is SO annoying – where oh where is my remote control? Oh there it is, cool. Bye bye. Channel Z had a competition once where you could design a character for the TV show “The Tribe” – Brad and I were going to submit one called ‘Shooter’ who would be large and ugly and opinated and would think that he was the leader of the group but actually had no one’s respect, but we never got around to it.

Well who’s a fucking boring bitch today then eh? I’m like a total gossip free zone. Stink. Tomorrow I’ll go to tech to work on my motherfucking Instructional Design assignment that I’ve hardly started. Goals, objectives, tests – who needs these things? And for that matter, who really needs to know how to use the AUT phone system? Grr. And I will take a bus in too, because I’ll probably be there for hours, and also parking has been mad lately. Although I guess now the holidays are over, but stiiiiiiiiiiiiilll…

Oh, I’m reading some book that I stole from Karen’s house called “No Logo” by Naomi Klein, and it’s really really good – all about advertising and branding and stuff, and it was written this year so I’m in touch with all that it’s talking about and shit – like this:
“The merger between media and catelog reached a new high with the lauch of the teen TV drama ‘Dawson’s Creek’ in January of 1998. Not only did all the characters wear J.Crew clothes, not only did the nautical windswept set make them look as if they had stepped off the pages of the catelog and not only did the characters spout dialogue like “He looks like he stepped out of a J.Crew catalog” but the cast was also featured on the cover of the January J.Crew catalog.” – Naomi Klein, No Logo, Flamingo London 2000.

I should brand myself that well.

Please sir, I want some more

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