Monday October 9th, 2000

I feel so violated! For some reason or another, I ended up at a Laura Ingalls Wilder website – I think it was some random link from Suck – and anyways, i discovered that the publishers put out like a jillion more serieses about her – all kids booky, and THEN they wrote books about her mother and her grandmother and oh my god, the pain of the commercialism! I mean, the Little House books were my most favouritest books ever when I was young, along with Narnia, and they made me wanna study history and be a pioneer and a school teacher and a mother and live in one room and everything. But see, at least they were real! I mean, Laura wrote them herself, it wasn’t some big dramatisation thingie. But this whole thing writing about her mother and grandmother and great grandmother even just makes me think of those “Sweet Valley High Ancestor” books which had like 6 (great) grandparents per book, all set in a different historical time – earthquake san francisco, or mobster chicago etc. And THOSE books in return remind me of the Sunfire romances I used to be obsessed with in which girl that book is named after must choose between dependable steady guy or ragey new heartthrob, while taking part in big historical thing like the Alamo (Victoria), the Revolutionary war (Sabrina), Pearl Harbour (Veronica) etc etc etc. And no, I’m not suprised I can still name all those books. That’s how I started to learn American history. Oh my god, Jessica Wakefield becomes a special agent!

Sorry, I’m kinda tired. I’ve been at tech allllll day, until 9pm working on my ID, but it’s almost done, so I feel good. Kate B was in the labs with me working on her Digi Com II assignment, so it was nice to have company. We had bagels for lunch from this really really styley place on High street, and i had yummy chinese for dinner. But neither of us took our cars in today, so we can justify the expense cos we didn’t spend on parking. And then Clay came and picked us up in the evening, cos he’s a sweetheart. For once, all four of us were sitting around in the evening watching seinfeld re-runs, so we figured out who we were. I’d be George, I admitted, cos I’m just freaky obsessive and hung up etc etc. Kate’d be Kramer, cos she’s craaaazy. Brad’s Jerry, obviously, and so Clay’s Elaine, which figures too.

I love this sweet valley high site SO much. I’m reading excerpts from every book. This is really really sick.

I value my portability

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