Monday October 9th, 2000

I wasn’t going to update but then I’d hate for certain people to have to write more themselves because no one else has updated, so here we go, stuff.

Brad and I saw ‘American Psycho’ last night. I just have to return some videos….. It was a really really good film, I enjoyed it a lot. In fact, I was laughing my head off, so possibley other people in the theatre may have thought I was a little strange, but the thing is that it was SUPPOSED to be funny. And if people weren’t laughing, they didn’t get it. Now, I know a lot of femminists were against the movie and the book, but to my way of figuring it, he killed fairly indiscriminantly, so it wasn’t glamourization of violence against women specifically. And Christian Bale was fantastic. I’m so glad they didn’t get Leonardo Di Caprico for it.

Around this time last week, i was swimming

I gave Brad a lift into tech today, and we decided to chance the “full” carpark and he very eagleeyed spotted an empty carpark, so I was super impressed with him. Bloody matinees at the Civic, people taking all of my parking room, how rude! So I bought Brad a cheeseburger in gratitude for saving me the stress of having to find somewhere else to park. I spent a couple’o hours at tech finishing off my Instructional Design assignment. Designers Edge is such a buggy piece of software crap, I despise it passionately. But it’s done now. And then I helped Kate B sort out her Flash piece on the movie of Saved By the Bell. Well, I kinda helped her, and a grad dip helped us both.

And as I always am whenever I’ve handed in a big assignment (40%) I was very grumpy afterwards, due to delayed stress. I was also very very tired. When I got home, I went to the lounge to watch TV, but eventually pulled out the couch and went to sleep, right when Clayton was talking to me, which wasn’t very nice of me. I’m such a grumpy person sometimes. Later, Maree came around with playlists that the DJ had faxed through, so we went through them marking our choices. I don’t think I should bother being ashamed of much of the stuff I picked. Girls just wanna have fun!

We were watching TV tonight and I said to Brad that I missed Kini, and he was like “oh?” and then he realised that it was the Crownies ad on that was making me think of her. I hope her holiday is divine. I’ll kick its ass if it’s not.

Squish! Squish!

ain’t no party like a garland party

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