I didn’t write this entry

Started the day by reading the New Zealand Herald. Brad and Justin came back from Justin’s house adn they took over the table for five minutes. Justin had a hickey on his neck – the back of his neck no less, which probably means he had gay sex. I think sometimes I am too mean to Justin , but then I figure he likes the abuse.

I hung out for the rest of the day and had fish and potato salad for dinner. Brad came hime from work at 10.30 while I was on the phone to Andie. I was screaming and energetic because that’s the way I am with Andie on the phone.

I got off the phone wiht Andie after deciding to go to Hamilton to see Weta, Fur Patrol and Shihad. Clayton Brad and I planned to go to Cornwall Park for a midnight picnic but went to Foodtown to get some chippies and mixers instead. At home we sat around the dining room table, drank, listened to music and showed each other things of our past like my diary, Brad’s comedy stuff and Clayton’s cartoon and sticker books. We bonded and it was good. After a while we started dancing in the hallway to Creed and Briteny until Kate B came home crying. All of a sudden, the music stopped and the dancing ceased. I think they won’t breeak up and everything will be okay, but it sound like a pretty serious arguement.

To end this journal I just want to say how much I love my flatmates. Brad rocks and Clayton is the bomb. Bye

Okay, it’s scary how like my sixth form diary writing style Brad wrote that entry for in me

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