Hallway dance party

I went to Shell this morning in my pjs for eggs and a newspaper. I made beer bread and apple muffins for lunch, and it was very nice. Kate Hamlin was over to watch Dawsons with Brad, and Justin HAD been over to be Funny, but he left just as I served lunch. But Kate B and Clay were there, so it was party of five, only I hated that show. I’d only had about five hours sleep though, or less cos I got woken up at 10, and I’d gone to bed around 5.30am.

Yesterday day was very boring, doing nothing. Clayton and I decided that in the evening we’d go for a picnic in Cornwall Park and hope we weren’t attacked by chickens like the last time. But then we couldn’t think of anyone to come with us, so we decided to flag. I was having a really dumb boring evening, even though I was reading my great book – No Logo – so I decided to call Andee, who I haven’t talked to in aaaaaaaaages. So I did, and by the time I got off the phone, one of my ears was ringing from yelling so much.

Andee’s so much fun to gossip with. I told her about how when I’d been going through my 7th form diary looking for dates for my memory ring I’d come across all these little conversations from IRC I’d written down, so we ended up having a total reminiscing session – as we always do, basically. That meant we both ended up yelling “PHANNIE! PHANNIE!” so much that Clay knocked on my door to see if I was okay. We both decided that we’d drop everything and move to Christchurch if he just said the word, and she was jealous I knew his middle name and never told her. Plus I got in trouble for some old scandal with morphine matt etc etc etc. Blah blah blah. If you’re Charlotte or Amy or Fiona or Hulita you’d be laughing right now cos you’d know what we were talking about. But if you ARE any of those girls, why haven’t you emailed me? Happy 21st Charly baby. Anyways. I really miss the old days, like in first year when I’d go to Hamilton like once a month, and drink instant coffee with three sugars and milk or cheap bubbly with Andee and Ren and Amy if she was ever around, and we’d go to Mark’s place, or Scott and Hugh’s, and just have fun. I’m hopefully going to go down to Hammy on Novemeber the 17th to go to Weta, Fur Patrol and Shihad with Andeee at the Hillie, and we decided that we’ll also drive around Hamilton with the windows rolled down calling out “Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!!! Huuuuuuuugh! Can I borrow your lip balm?” until we find him. Heh. Oh to be 17/18 again!

Anyways, eventually we wound up our conversation, and Brad was home from work at that stage. Me and Clay were sitting at the dining room table to keep him company while he ate his dinner, and we were each having a drink, and I was leafing through my 7th form diary again and chuckling at my complete IRC obsessions. The boys were like “What’s that?” so I explained and read them a page, which made them laugh a lot, and they asked me to read more, so they did. I actually had a printout of some logs with MM from when he told me he kinda fancied me, so I gave them that, and oh lordy did they ever giggle! And I did too, fucking hilarious man, so sweet and naive and all. I so wanna be 17 again! But actually no, the process of getting from sweet and innocent to bitter and jaded was kinda painful, and I’m not too willing to go through all that again. Sorry, I’m rambling, like I said, I’m very very tired.

Anyways, we went to the supermarket for bread and hummus, and more carbonated beverages, and went back home for a big Show & Tell session. Clayt brought out his sticker books and cartoon sketches, Brad had some book his ex girlfriend made for him, and I also had my sixth form diary, and first year diary – which isn’t very full, admittedly. I pulled out the big guns, and read them New Years Eve 95/96 so that they could finally learn the whole story to the “Your Hair is Choice” thing, and after that, Brad said he didn’t think he could hassle me about it any more as the context makes it much much sweeter than they’d originally thought. But there’s still plenty of other stuff they’ll hassle me about though. So we drank and drank and gossiped and reminicsed. Both Brad and Clay keep all their old movie tickets, so they were going through those and stuff. At one stage I went into the kitchen and realised that between the two of us, Clayton and I had drank nearly an entire large bottle of rum – he was pouring so I think they musta been very strong drinks. I was shocked. Then we went to the hallway to dance. Creed came on, so I had to raise my knee, but since there were no chairs, I put my foot on the wall. I was wearing really stretchy bootlegs, so I just kept sliding my foot up the wall until it was about over my head kinda. The boys were very impressed, and also understandably a little scared. I’d showed them previously that I can get my heels over my head – in a non sexual context that is. We were still dancing in the hallway (Clay has a new stereo which is very loud) when Kate B came in crying, which was very sad. I took her to my room and had heart to hearts. Then when I went to get her a drink, Brad told me to break out the good gin. He caused a minor scandal at his household, you see, for buying Seagers Gin which he can get for $10 a 700ml bottle through some freak staff discount thing (smaller bottles are more expensive), but his mother said that him drinking Seagers would make his grandmother turn in her grave, so she bought him a bottle of Gordons instead. Anyways. So we sat and listened to Kate for a bit, and made her laugh and stuff which was good.

Then Spiller came on, so Clay and I went to the hallway to dance, both very drunk. I don’t know what happened, but somehow he was on the floor but I didn’t realise, and I tripped over him, and there was screaming and oh, it was just a great big mess. Kate and Brad came into the hallway then too, and so we all danced for ages, swapping partners at IRC rates. This morning, I think it was Brad that described it as a ‘Dance Orgy’. Then we all went outside for a while. Kate and I were both on the comfy sofa outside which we’re actually going to move inside in exchange for the uncomfy blue one. Or rather, the boys are going to swap them, in exchange for Kate clearing up the thousands of mugs she leaves outside. That’s the plan anyways. Kate and I actually talked about how she knows that she’s messy, and I know I’m too anal and stuff, and it was a big “but I love you!” fest. And I apologised for being grumpy with her and Clayton sometimes when I’m in a bad mood and it’s not their fault. I’m never grumpy at Brad though, cos he knows not to ask me about my day if I’m looking cross, and just concentrates on watching TV with me. It was such a lovely flat bonding session. The boys even said that they might possibly consider taking drugs with us at some stage. Not that we peerpressured them into it or anything. I love Kate so much, man – from the 6th form diary came a tale of how she stopped me from getting in a car with a drunk driver once and stuff. Then we realised it was 4.30am so the boys went to bed, and Kate and I went a little later.

So you’re caught up now, I think. But oooh! I do believe Brad actually wrote me a journal entry in the bible last night. I must go see if I can find that.

ain’t no party like a garland party

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