Sunday October 15th, 2000

Me: I’m sorry, can I apease you with a poem?

Tom: possibly

Me: it’s called “Ode to My Panties”

Tom: that sounds good

Me: Ode to My Panties
You are so white
washed and bleached in the sun
I keep looking down
you sparkle back up at me
pure and white and not so virginal
and I want you stained with red
you should be stained with red
you should have been stained with red a month ago
(it’s so post modern)

Tom: good gracious! that’s… it starts out so normal then BAM! like an eggplant thrown by an angry mongolian gentleman, it hits you with the last lines

Me: hahahahah it’s funny you should say Mongolian
kate m and I were playing Rum Monopoly on Friday night, and when I got 3 stations, I was like “ha HA now I own a conglomerate and I’m a railway mongol”
Of course I meant mogul


I have such a craving to hang out with Olivia lately. You know how there are people so wonderful they just make you feel cool by association? Well, she’s definately one of them.


Tracey, Kini’s friend from the ACCC emailed me to tell me Kini had rang and is all happy and having fun and shit in Tonga. We’re planning on going over there and dragging her back. Maybe we’ll hire a cult deprogrammer too. I haven’t referenced every single person I know online yet

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