Sunday October 15th, 2000

Icky, Kate was only in my room for like a minute and yet it still smells of smoke. Blaargh.

If you go to here and click on the Feature Story about AUT, you’ll see video footage of one of my assignments that I did – well, not MY actual piece, but what others did, and you’ll get to see Bob King my lecturer, and also Trevor, who’s in my group for both Project and Broadcasting. So there you go. Or off you go, or something.

I got up heinously early this morning because Andrea decided that it’d be fun to have a group meeting at 10am. Ick. But that was okay, cos her and I and Trevor decided to do our hour broadcast from the Multimedia Expo Tabloid Style, so that’ll be fun. Yes indeedy. Then I went and found Maree, and I made up the tickets for our dinner. They’re stunning, truely they are. God I suck at print work! So I printed them out, and hand numbered and signed every one of them. We went up to the TV Studios to distribute nominations forms since the TV students never deign to check their pigeon holes in the State building, and just to spread the word around a little more. Of course, no one had money to buy the tickets today, but hopefully people will get their acts together real soon. We also booked the DJ and got an invoice from the bus company and everything, fantastic.

Ayyeeeee Robbie. this amuses me muchly. But if I ever seem to be turning into a blogging kinda person, please do shoot me.

Clay showed us his documentary tonight about bFM, and it was really really good. I’m so proud of him! Brad’s doing a radio documentary on the Auckland Theatre Company, Maree’s doing PR for the NZ Ballet, Kate Morrison’s being brainwashed by the Hare Krishnas for her radio documentary, and what am I doing for my project? Wastewater systems. Thrilling.

All sorts of factors have been combinding to weird me out lately, like for example Kate’s mum ringing tonight, me having a big chat with her, and then her asking me to ask Kate to call home going “can you ask Kate to call Barb please – her mum” and I was like umm, I have known you since I was 5, I know who you are. Well, I found it strange anyways. But then again, I’m really really thirsty/sore throated and stuff, so I will go now.

we’re here just a little while

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